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Communication Studies

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Communication Studies

Our mission

The Department of Communication Studies at UWL provides students with opportunities to increase their understanding of the communication process and develop communication competencies necessary for their personal and professional endeavors.

Our department prepares students for communication intensive careers in business, law, politics, social and human services, media, and higher education. 

Our students, faculty, and staff are committed to quality teaching and learning, scholarly and applied research, creative activities, and service to the university, local community, and beyond.

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Student spotlight

 Devyn    Jenna Goulet

Devyn Prielipp (CST major) and Jenna Goulet (CST 110 student) are two extraordinary students who have made remarkable contributions to the community. 

Read about Devyn's kidney donation, and Jenna's fundraising project to outfit police K9s with protective vests.


CST faculty scholarship showcase


Dickmeyer, S. (2016).  From meaningless to meaning-filled: Using qualitative/interpretive methods to research, craft, and implement a brand plan.  In C. Engstrom & J. Frye (Eds.), Qualitative Communication Consulting: Stories and Lessons form the Field.  

Faculty honors & awards


Congratulations to Dr. Tony Docan-Morgan!  One of Dr. Docan-Morgan's classroom strategies was featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education.