Outcomes Assessment

The Medical Dosimetry Program's accrediting agency (JRCERT) requires the program to create intended outcomes for the program, as well as ways to assess these outcomes.  The outcomes are based off of the goals set forth by the program.  The outcome assessment plans are tracked each year and analyzed to determine which outcomes are meeting the benchmarks set and which ones are not. See below for the annual outcomes assessment plans.

Programmatic Accreditation Standards which are included in the outcomes assessment plan require reporting of MDCB exam pass rates and job placement rates (employed within 6 months of graduation). Due to the MDCB rules requiring the student to release their scores to the program, the program can only report scores that are released to the program or have been provided directly from the student. These benchmarks should be 75% or higher.

As of 2014, the JRCERT requires the program to publish all program effectiveness data on the program website. The MDCB pass rate, program completion rates, and job placement rates can be found on the program website. The current outcomes assessment plan can also be found there as well. Please visit this page for more information.