Admission policies and the application/selection process have been developed with the intention to consider each applicant's strengths and select for admission those best qualified to meet the program's requirements and mission.

The program offers four routes of entry.  Descriptions of each track are included below.

Track 2 (OJT)        [NOTE: the last year to apply for Track 2 is 2013-14 admissions for fall 2014 start date]

Track 2 is the "on the job training" (OJT) option.  These applicants are currently working in medical dosimetry at their place of employment and seeking to take courses at UW-L in preparation for the MDCB exam.  There is no formal affiliation agreement between UW-L and the institution, however, there is a Clinical Site Support Form to be completed.  Track 2 students are considered Route 2 or 3 exam applicants by the MDCB.  These students have the option of returning to UW-L in the future to complete the Masters Degree Completion program - Track C.  They will be required to have obtained a baccalaureate degree prior to applying as well as certification as a medical dosimetrist.

**Only current "on the job training" (OJT) medical dosimetrists, working/training for an employer can enroll in this track.

** A minimum of 35 hours of training per week is required.  Note: MDCB eligibility requires this FULL TIME training.

For Track 2 admission information please visit Admissions - Track 2

Master's Degree - Track A & B

Track A is a 12 month clinical internship program. Clinical Internships will take place from January through December. The didactic online courses begin in the fall semester prior to starting clinical internship training. This Master's degree program not only delivers the core medical dosimetry curriculum, it also offers advanced professional and research coursework that prepares graduates for future advancement in the profession.  Upon graduation, the student is considered a Route 1 exam applicant by the MDCB ( This program adheres to all JRCERT accreditation standards.
Program highlights:
        - online courses with a high degree of interaction with instructors and peers
        - 46 credits
        - clinical internship sites located throughout the U.S. with new sites established annually

Registered Radiation Therapists with a BS/BA degree are enrolled in Track A.  

Non-Registered Radiation Therapists with a BS/BA degree are enrolled in Track B.

Please visit Admissions - Track A & B

Master's Degree Completion Program - Track C (for CMD's)

Track C is the Master of Science degree completion program for Certified Medical Dosimetrists (CMD's) who are currently employed and want to obtain a Masters degree.  The online program enables CMD's to earn a Master's degree in the profession with minimal disruption to their lives.  The percentage of medical dosimetrists obtaining higher education is increasing.  This flexible online program strongly emphasizes professional and academic growth.  Advanced program courses such as Operational Issues in Radiation Oncology, Protocols & Studies in Radiation Oncology, and Education and Research courses can enhance competitiveness for advanced level positions with increased pay in areas of management, senior medical dosimetry, education, applications, or research.

The program requires 31 semester hours of credit at UW-La Crosse.  These credits are obtained through web-based online lectures and discussions, independent study, and clinical experience. The program consists of:

                - online curriculum, enhancing the ability to "juggle" busy schedules
                - a 31 credit hour program to be completed in 3 semesters
                - practicum experience designed to be completed at the current place of employment
                - cohort-based program that starts in spring (you will start and end with the same classmates)

CMD's (or board eligible) with a BS/BA degree can enroll in this track. Please visit Admissions - Track C

Admissions Policies

  • The number of students admitted to the program is dependent on the number of clinical internship sites and their student capacity. Admission to the program is on a competitive basis.

  • Applicants are considered without regard to sex, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital or parental status.

  • The rigor, intensity of this program, and the skills and responsibility necessary for practice as a medical dosimetrist require the program to seek applicants with a strong academic background, along with refined interpersonal skills and maturity.  Applicants seeking formal enrollment in the program (Tracks A and B) are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.00.  Prior healthcare experience is also an indicator of a career commitment to clinical practice. The program's admission process will consider each applicant's strengths and select for admission those applicants best qualified to meet the program's mission.

  • The admission selection process includes the following: (1) Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA); (2) Science GPA; (3) Written application including references; (4) Background predictive of potential for future practice in the service areas of the program's partner institutions; (6) Knowledge of the profession and the profession's role in the healthcare system; (7) Interpersonal Skills; (8) Quality and Extent of Healthcare related experience.

  • Completing more observation time than required for admissions is highly recommended for non-Radiation Therapy professionals.

Application Process Timeline for Fall enrollment (Formal Program - Tracks A/B) 

December 1 - Deadline submission for online application to UW-L (graduate or undergraduate)
                    Submit official transcripts for all college courses

January 1 - Deadline submission for all program application materials

Mid-January - Program Officials will begin reviewing all application materials for eligibility of clinical site interviews

Late January to Early February - Notifications Emailed to Eligible Applicants to Schedule Clinical Site Interviews

February/March - Interviews completed; Students notified of their admission status

September - Program begins the day after Labor Day


  • The selection committee consists of the program director and a panel of professionals at the clinical internship sites.

  • Students must request the specific clinical internship sites at which they would like to interview.  Students arrange their own interviews with the respective sites and are responsible for expenses incurred for the interview process at the clinical internship sites.

  • After interviews are completed, decisions will be made by the selection committee on placement of students at each site.

Reentry & Readmission

Students who feel they must withdraw from the medical dosimetry program once accepted, are encouraged to speak to the program director prior to withdrawal. Students are not guaranteed placement should they wish to reenter. They must reapply to the program and be considered for placement by the Selection Committee.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits from other programs are not accepted.  Due to the tight sequencing and integration of the curriculum we do not accept didactic or clinical credits from other institutions.  All students, regardless of their prior background and education, must complete the entire curriculum at UW-L.

International Applicants

For further information please visit International Applicants

If you have additional questions you may contact the program at