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The medical dosimetry program provides students with an educational foundation in medical dosimetry as well as clinical experience in a radiation oncology department.  The curriculum requires a combination of online courses and clinical internship at an affiliated site.  The online courses consist of various means of instructional approaches such as lectures, practice problems, quizzes/tests, papers, projects, group discussion forums, and interactive online tools.  These courses are delivered online via the Desire2Learn e-learning course management system. There is a high degree of interaction with the instructor and peers in this cohort-based program.

Length of Program: 16 months (Clinical internship is 12 months in duration)

Course Schedules:

MS Degree
Track A & B

MS Degree Completion (for CMD's)
Track C

On-the-Job Training Track (OJT)
Track 2

Descriptions for all medical dosimetry courses are provided here - Course Descriptions

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