Welcome to the Medical Dosimetry Program at UW-L

What is Medical Dosimetry?  The field of Medical Dosimetry involves the measurement and calculation of dose for the treatment of cancer patients.  Dosimetrists use their knowledge of physics, anatomy, and radiobiology to develop an optimal arrangement of radiation portals to spare normal and radiosensitive tissues while applying a prescribed dose to the targeted disease volume.

UW-La Crosse sponsors the only Medical Dosimetry Program in the nation that offers online distance education for dosimetry students using the Desire2Learn E-learning course management system. photo of a Dosimetrist

The Medical Dosimetry Program currently offers a Master of Science degree in medical dosimetry as well as an on the "on the job training" option.  Both programs include clinical internships and online didactic coursework.

This web site informs prospective students about the program, the profession, and the unique possibilities associated with it.  Additionally, a wealth of information regarding admissions and application materials is also available here.  Please contact the program via e-mail mdprogram@uwlax.edu with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the program.