Michael Lazzari

Academic Staff
Year hired: Fall 2010

Michael Lazzari

I am a Lecturer in the Microbiology Department and teach courses in microbiology as well as courses in the CLS program. I worked as a medical laboratory scientist from 2007-2010, during which I completed my master’s and doctoral degree. Besides teaching microbiology and CLS courses, I also advise CLS students. If you have any questions about the CLS profession or clinically related areas, please feel free to contact me.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my wife, family, and friends. I also enjoy watching and participating in a wide array of sports, from football to fishing.


Selected Publications

Lazzari, M. (2012). Errors in Specimen Processing and the Potential Misdiagnosis of Acute Renal Failure in a 12-year-old Girl. ASCP LABMedicine, 43(4), 113-115.

Lazzari, M. (2009). Developing a standard protocol for the introduction of new testing into a clinical laboratory. ASCP LABMEDICINE, 40, 389-393.

Lazzari, M. (2009). An example of how rural clinical laboratories can introduce HIV testing cost effectively. ASCP LABMEDICINE, 40, 581-585.

Lazzari, M. (2009). A harmful banana? Medical Laboratory Observer, 41, 50-52.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

3003 Cowley Hall