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Review Answers:


Help Wanted

Slow but steady worker needed to breakdown organic compounds like assorted sugars and amino acids to various end products like ethanol and lactic acid. Work environment lacks oxygen so obligate aerobes need not apply. -Fermenting cell

Courier needed to transport amino acids to the ribosome - specialization a must. Should be good with codes. -tRNA

Make RNA - all shifts. Must be able to follow directions in DNA template and use free RNA nucletodes. Many opportunities for promotion. -RNA polymerase

Cell required to help provide food for the masses. Must be a do it your selfer. Will provide a well lit work area. Primary Producers, Inc. -Photosynthetic cell

Enzyme needed for work in the cell or in the biotechnology field. Must be able to join DNA pieces together. Must be able to work with either Okazaki fragments or DNAs from different sources. -DNA ligase

Highly energetic worker needed to completely breakdown a wide assortment of organic and inorganic molecules. Will provide plenty of oxygen. -Respiring cell

Enzyme required immediately for opening in fast-paced DNA biosynthesis field. Must be able to follow directions in DNA template precisely when building new DNA strand. Must recognize and repair errors. Dial 1-800-THE-CELL. -DNA polymerase

Wanted. Jack-of-all-Trades to work at a cutting edge biomedical firm. Opportunities available to develop to fill a number of different positions. -Stem cell