Class of 2011 Awards

Every year the UW-L Occupational Therapy Program recognizes students who have distinguished themselves throughout the program.  The award winners were announced at the Student Recognition Ceremony on December 17, 2011.

2011 award winners

2011 Award Winners (from left to right):  Kayla Johnson, Carrie Einck and Jessica Mayer

Academic Achievement Award:  Jessica Mayer

This award is to recognize excellence in academic achievement in the graduate occupational therapy program.  It is given to students who have demonstrated the ability to set a high bar for their own academic performance, and then meet or exceed that bar without fail.  It recognizes hard work, consistency in effort, and ownership of one’s own learning.  Please note: this award is not only about grade point average.  It is also about curiosity, maintaining a “best effort”, taking charge of one’s own learning, and serving as a role model in pushing others to learn. 

This student seemed to have a natural ability to take information from one class and apply it in many of her other classes.   She was able to mix science with art and see the big picture of occupational therapy.   In addition, she eagerly would take her school projects to the next level.  For example, in a clinical lab course she was able to take the research literature, theory, and her past experiences and apply that to a client.  From there, she was excited about sharing this experience with others and was even accepted to present this project at the national level.  Her curiosity, intelligence, ability to go above and beyond, and her ability to see “occupation” in so many ways, serves as an example and role model.  It is with warm regards that we give this year’s Academic Excellence award to Jess Mayer.  Congratulations, Jess!

Leadership Award:  Kayla Johnson

Throughout the Occupational Therapy graduate program, students learn about the importance of leadership and advocacy—not only for patients but also for our profession.  We discuss what it means to be a leader and we have concluded, a leader is someone who is assertive, generous, supportive AND who brings out the best in others.  Although we believe that all of our students have strong leadership abilities, we would like to recognize one student in particular who has demonstrated leadership excellence through our academic program and participation in the Student Occupational Therapy Association. 

Kayla Johnson was our 2010-2011 SOTA president; helping to organize, support and coordinate many programs throughout the school year.  (And there were several!!)  Additionally, she was the AOTA Student Delegate during her first year of graduate school, representing her peers and UW-L at American Occupational Therapy national conference. 

Kayla’s organizational skills, energy, positive attitude and willingness to take charge led us to choose Kayla as this year’s recipient of the Leadership Award.   Congratulations, Kayla!

Spirit of OT Award:  Carrie Einck

The Spirit of UW-L Award is given to the student who embodies the values of UW-L Occupational Therapy Program, and has made a demonstrable effort to apply them in his/her life.  This particular student had a strong work ethic.  She had an ability to put her nose to the grindstone, and get ‘er done – and usually with a smile.  In my coursework with her, I saw her consistently ask questions beyond the obvious:  why would a client behave this way or that?  What is really going on?  She seemed to ask the deeper questions.  She was creative in figuring out adaptive ways to approach a task, or in organizing the task at hand to make it easier to complete.  She seemed to approach a problem from a more holistic aspect, asking first what might be beneficial for the client.

 For her strong work ethic, her over-all positive attitude, and her attention to the client-centered and occupational aspects of engagement, this year’s award goes to Carrie Einck.   Congratulations, Carrie!

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