While in the program students complete three level 1 fieldwork experiences in the areas of  mental illness, adult physical disabilities and pediatrics.  Fieldwork I placements may be in a variety of clinics, hospitals and community based settings.  Additionally, upon completion of the academic portion of the program, students complete two twelve week Fieldwork II experiences, one during the summer and one in fall.  Students must complete Level II fieldwork within 24 months of the completion of the didactic portion of the curriculum in order to graduate.   Students work closely with the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator to select the best placement settings for these experiences.  The program strives to find FW placements that will fit the student's learning style, provide a solid foundation for entry level therapy, and are sensitive the interests of the individual students. 

In order for students to be better prepared for their Level II Fieldwork experiences, they participate in a "hands-on laboratory" during their final two semesters of coursework.  Under the supervision of licensed occupational therapists, students will experience "live client interaction" as they practice the occupational therapy process with community members (both adults and children) who have volunteered to be a part of the labs.  

Please be aware that a felony charge may affect your ability to obtain fieldwork placements and/or sit for the board examination.