Early September - The online application to the UW-L Graduate School opens.
                            Applicants encouraged to send transcripts at this time.

October 1 - OT Program activates Program Application link on the website and begins accepting applications.

December 1 - Completion of Personal Potential Index (PPI)
                            Recommended Deadline:  Applicants are encouraged to submit all evaluations to ETS by Dec. 1 as this ensures
                            completed PPI Reports will arrive in the OT office by the program's January 4 application deadline.

January 3 - Application Deadline
                            All application materials must be submitted by January 4 in order to be considered.
                                    > Program application materials include:
                                            - Program application
                                            - Shadow/Observation experience submitted on required form
                                            - Inclusion of resume
                                    > Materials required by the UW-L Graduate School include:
                                            - Online application
                                            - Submission of all college transcripts
                                    > International applicants must also submit all additional required documents.
                            Those failing to submit all of the required materials by the application deadline will not be considered for admission.

Late February / Early March - Applicants notified of their admission.  Applicants receive one of three decisions:
                            -  Invitation to join the program.
                            -  Applicant is an alternate for admission and may receive an offer should an accepted applicant decline the program's offer.
                            -  Applicant will not be invited to join the program.

Late May - New OT students begin courses and participate in orientation activities.