Project Funway

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Valley View Mall
Onalaska, WI

Informational Flyer


It’s Not Just About Fashion


Project Funway is an annual fashion show that gives the opportunity for people with and without disabilities to walk down the runway.  This event is hosted by the UW-La Crosse Student Occupational Therapy Association and stores volunteering within Valley View Mall. In an effort to show that all people can have fun with fashion, Project Funway strives to break down the barriers between people with and without disabilities. Help us celebrate inclusion by joining people of all backgrounds and sharing this fun and exciting experience!


Occupational therapists focus on helping people in their daily activities to increase independence and prevent disability.  They work with people whit a variety of conditions, disabilities, injuries and impairments, and work in schools, hospitals, clinics, metal health, community wellness settings.



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Funway 001 

Funway 002

Funway 003      Funway 004

Funway 005 

Funway 006      Funway 007

Funway 008 

Funway 009      Funway 010

Funway 011 

Funway 012      Funway 013

Funway 014 

Funway 015
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