The program does not limit the number of application cycles for which a student may submit an application. 

If you have applied to the UW-L OT Program previously be advised that you must submit new versions of the following:
        -    Graduate School application and fee
        -    Updated transcripts.  Check with the Graduate School regarding transcripts
        -    OT Program application and fee
        -    Personal resume
        -    Personal Potential Index (PPI)
        -    Any new and/or updated forms and/or results
Failure to submit the above materials will result in an incomplete file for admission.

We retain past application files for one year.  After the passing of one year old applications are shredded.  If you would like us to pull documents from the file you submitted last year for inclusion with your current application you must notify us of your request via email.  Documents that we retain and can include with your new file include:
        -    Observation/Shadow Experiences

While we can include last year's observation hours with the applicant's new file, it is in the applicant's best interest to submit new observations.  The submission of new materials demonstrates to the committee a continued commitment to the profession and program.  The applicant illustrates continued growth through new experiences and the submission of new/updated materials.