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The committee considers several criteria when reviewing applications for admission.  Included below are the criteria considered and some suggestions to consider when completing your application.  Feel free to contact the Occupational Therapy Program at with questions you may have regarding your application.

The committee will consider the following criteria when reviewing applications for admission:

GPA (Cumulative and Prerequisite): 

It is recommended that students make academic success a priority.  The minimum GPA for admission into the Occupational Therapy Program is 3.00.  A high GPA is reflective of a strong application.  Particular emphasis on prerequisite and science coursework is suggested as the program considers academic performance in these courses in addition to cumulative GPA.

Personal Characteristics: 

The following items will be reviewed:

  • Narrative portion of the program application

  • Personal Potential Index - References

  • Resume

When preparing these items applicants should emphasize the following characteristics:

  • Knowledge and Creativity
    Demonstrates a broad understanding of occupational therapy and is curious about the field.  Individual is intelligent and displays creativity.
  • Communication Skills
    Writes in a clear, organized and logical manner with precision and style that is also interesting and well organized.
  • Teamwork
    Demonstrates the ability to work well in group settings in a way that is friendly and supports the efforts of others.  Provide constructive feedback to team members in a helpful manner.
  • Resilience
    Demonstrates the ability to work extremely hard and under stressful conditions.  Overcomes challenges and setbacks.  Accepts feedback without getting defensive.
  • Planning and Organization
    Demonstrates the ability to organize work and time effectively while meeting deadlines.  Sets realistic goals and makes plans to accomplish them.
  • Ethics and Integrity
    Demonstrates sincerity, honesty, is trustworthy and maintains high ethical standards.

Exceptional Achievement:

Please include your resume in your mailing.  Items you may want to note in your resume include: awards, collegiate extracurricular participation, honors, scholarships, study abroad experiences, volunteering, work experiences, etc.