Application deadline for Summer 2014 enrollment is Friday, January 3, 2014

Thank you for your interest in the Occupational Therapy Program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse - a fully accredited program.  We look forward to reviewing your application to the program.  We hope you find this website helpful as you prepare your application.  Within this website, you will find links to the application materials required by the program, as well as detailed information on the admissions process.  Please feel free to contact the Occupational Therapy Program ( with any additional questions you might have regarding the application process.

The Occupational Therapy Program at UW-L does not discriminate regarding gender, race or ability.  All applicants are encouraged to apply.  If you have a special need/accommodation to aid your participation in our application process, please contact the Occupational Therapy program at to make appropriate arrangements.

The Occupational Therapy Program admits one class of twenty-four students each year.  The admissions process is competitive and not all applicants can be accomodated.  Students with strong GPA’s and competitive portfolios will be stronger candidates for admission.  Some applicants may be placed on an alternate list, in which case an admission decision will be made later in the spring semester - approx. mid-March through late-April.  There will be notification of a final admission decision no later than May 1 of the admission year.

Please be aware that a felony charge may affect your ability to obtain fieldwork placements and/or sit for the board examination.


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