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Why philosophy?

In philosophy, we look at the big questions: how we acquire knowledge, the nature of right and wrong, the meaning of beauty, the nature of the mind...just to name a few! In our courses, you'll learn to read carefully, think critically, and write clearly by examining responses to the big questions by thinkers from a variety of time periods and cultures. Maybe you'll even develop your own. 

Philosophy: a major that pays! 

Do philosophy majors really earn more than accounting majors??? Recent research suggests they just might! 

According to a study published in the Wall Street Journal, graduates with an undergraduate degree in philosophy had the highest percentage increases in salary in their first 10 years after graduation, with average mid-career salaries ranging from $52,800 (25th percentile) to $127,000 (75th percentile).  Philosophy is also the top-earning bachelor degree in the humanities, as reported recently.  That's right: philosophy is the #1 major that pays

Philosophy: great preparation for the LSAT, GRE, and more!

number 1 Philosophy majors score higher than any other major on the GRE, with the highest overall scores and the highest scores on both the verbal and analytical writing sections.  Philosophy majors are currently tied for #2 (with economics) for highest LSAT scores, coming in just behind Physics.

Philosophy majors also do well on the GMAT, and enjoy high rates of acceptance to medical school, compared to other majors.

What can I do with a major in philosophy?

With a major in philosophy, the possibilities are endless! Today's employers value college graduates who possess critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills and the ability to solve complex problems; in philosophy, you'll develop these skills by working on the hardest problems we can come up with.

Our majors have gone on to do awesome things - check out some of their stories.


Is a philosophy class right for me?


 Even if you're not planning to major or minor in philosophy, a philosophy class can enrich and deepen your understanding of your major area of study.  Many of our courses are interdisciplinary in nature - you are sure to find a course that fits your interests while fulfilling a GE requirement or supplementing your core area of study.

Many of our students double major - see our Majors/Minors page for more details!


News and Announcements:

Welcome Back Students! 

Welcome back to Fall 2015! We are excited to be back, and hope you are, too. Come by the department to chat about majoring or minoring in philosophy as well as options for employment and further education after graduation. We'll have our Spring 2016 schedule up for you to check out soon, so stay tuned for more details!

We have a new (old) blog! 

This After a long hiatus, the (unofficial) Philosophy Department Blog is up and running.  Here, we'll include news, kudos, and photographic evidence of various department events. Visit the blog here, and enjoy!


Congrats to our PHL 496 Students!

This year’s Philosophy 496 (Senior Capstone) presentations were a success!  Robert Belle, Peter Dziadowicz, Leah Heilman, Cheyenne-Christine Laukant, Jesse Pingel, Michelle Roche, Larry Schmitt, and Lauren Schuller presented the research projects they have been working on all semester. Special thanks to Dr. Glass for running 496 this semester and organizing the event, and Dr. Scherwitz for making sure that there was plenty of food to fuel our philosophical efforts!


Fall 2015 Course Schedule Now Available! 

Our Fall 2015 schedule of courses is now available. We are very excited about the wide variety of courses that we will be teaching, and hope you are too!

Sticking around this summer? PHL 100, Introduction to Philosophy, and PHL 101, Introduction to Logic, will be available during Summer I.



 Attention Students: Submit your work to the Celebration of Student Research and Creativity!

Attention students! Have you written a paper or completed a project that you feel very strongly about? Would you like to share it with the campus community as either an oral presentation or poster presentation? Consider submitting an abstract for the 2015 Celebration of Student Research and Creativity!  The deadline for abstract submissions is Thursday, February 26. Contact a faculty member if you need advice on preparing an abstract.


 Dr. Tuttle Ross awarded Faculty Research Grant

 Congratulations to Dr. Tuttle Ross for her award of a Faculty Research Grant for Summer 2015!  The grant will support her project, "Postmodern, Postmillennial Romantic Comedies." 


Phenomenology Lecture Series Talk: Edward Slingerland

The Fall 2014 Phenomenology Lecture Series talk was a success!  Our guest speaker - Dr. Edward Slingerland of University of British Columbia -  addressed the theme of spontaneity through a careful analysis of Classical Chinese philosophy and contemporary cognitive science.  Following his presentation there was a lively Q&A.





Philosopher Wins Provost Teaching Excellence Award (8/28/14)

Congratulations to Dr. Sam Cocks for receiving the Provost Teaching Excellence Award! Dr. Cocks was among six 2014 recipients of this prestigious award, whom were selected from over 400 student nominations across campus. 





Visit Us:

 The Philosophy Department is located in Centennial Hall.  We're on the fourth floor: right off the elevator, left from the stairs.


Department of Philosophy
4102 Centennial Hall
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: 608.785.8424


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