PK-12 Learning Technologies in the Classroom Initiative

Principal Investigator: Dr. Gubbi R. Sudhakaran, Professor and Chair, Department of Physics, Phone: (608) 785 8431, E-Mail:

Contact: Dr. Lucille Slinger, Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Phone:(608) 785 8417, E-Mail:

Project Title: Life At Hyperspeed: Use of Technology in a Primary Learning Environment

Project Description:

The intent of this project is to add a technology component to an in-progress, K-3 level physical science teacher enhancement project at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The Operation Primary Physical Science (OPPS) project, funded by the National Science Foundation, provides the in-service curriculum materials to run physical science enhancement workshops for K-3 level teachers. The project curriculum emphasizes a hands-on/minds-on approach to science teaching which meets the national standards goals for content and recommended pedagogical practices.
Addition of a technology component will help teachers restructure the elementary grades science curriculum, making it more interesting and challenging. An enhanced computer-supported science curriculum will spark an intellectual curiosity in students and contribute to a lifetime of interest in the physical sciences.

Project Outcomes:

  1. Increase ability for the teachers to conduct on-going collaboration for development and implementation of their physical science instruction via E-Mail, local bulletin-board and listserve interactions.
  2. Increase the amount of exemplary science related technology software and computers available for team teacher's use with K-3 level children.
  3. Provide a team of teachers for a district/building with some special expertise and training in use of the Internet as a teaching tool. E-Mail, and specific technology based science teaching practices so they may better function as "lead" teachers.
  4. Provide the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Teacher Education Program with a cadre of local primary teachers who have experience with technology based teaching as models for pre-service primary teachers.
  5. Provide videotaped examples of developmentally appropriate technology based primary instruction for use in science methods and Early Childhood Program courses for pre-service teachers.

Project Goals:

  1. Use of technology to facilitate learning about physical science.
  2. Utilization of educational software and information resources, and adaptation of curricula to make effective use of technology.
  3. Provide K-3 teachers with the preparation and support to effectively integrate information technologies into their teaching.