Sigma Pi Sigma

Sigma Pi Sigma exists to honor outstanding scholarship in physics; to encourage interest in physics among students at all levels; to promote an attitude of service of its members towards their fellow students, colleagues, and the public; to provide a fellowship of persons who have excelled in physics. Sigma Pi Sigma's mission is not completed in the induction ceremony with the recognition of academic accomplishment. In the four dimensions of Honor, Encouragement, Service, and Fellowship, the mission of Sigma Pi Sigma takes a longer view.
(from the Sigma Pi Sigma website)

The first initiation ceremony of the UW-L Chapter was held on April 28, 1999 and since then 63 students have been inducted into this national honor society:

May 1, 2013

Elizabeth Camenga
Ran Ikeyama
Qiuzhi Ji
Allison Kubicek
Scott Mueller
Tyler Nickel
Andrew Prudhom
Hieu Thanh Vo

Sigma Pi Sigma Induction 2013

(from left, back row) Gubbi Sudhakaran, Jennifer Docktor, Seth King, T.A.K. Pillai, Shauna Sallmen, Taviare Hawkins, Shelly Lesher, Eric Gansen

(from left, front row) Allison Kubicek, Andrew Prudhom, Elizabeth Camenga, Scott Mueller, Hieu Thanh Vo, Qiuzhi Ji, Ran Ikeyama, Tyler Nickel 

May 4, 2011

Andrew S. Arend
Loralee Bilke
Micah Brooks
Sean Harrington
Ali Khalili
Angeline Klemm
John Nehls
Benjamin J. Oleson
Elizabeth M. Tennyson
Melissa M. Wheeler

Sigma Pi Sigma induction, 2011

(from left, back row) Shelly Lesher, Seth King, T.A.K. Pillai, Eric Barnes, Shauna Sallmen

(from left, front row) Angeline Klemm, Beth Tennyson, Loralee Bilke, John Nehls, Sean Harrington, Ali Khalili, Andrew Arend, Micah Brooks, Ben Oleson

April 29, 2009

Brooke C. Baldwin
Daniel J. Brogan
Katlin E. Genthe
Brad A. Hartl
Chelsey S. Koehler
Joseph T. Lanska
Timothy R. Lopez
Michael J. Olson
Marsha A. Swatosh

Sigma Pi Sigma 2009 Inductees

(from left, back row) Eric Gansen, Joe Lanska, Joe Gow, Katlin Genthe, Dan Brogan,Tim Lopez, Brad Hartl, Eric Barnes

(from left, front row) Marsha Swatosh, T.A.K. Pillai, Chelsey Koehler, Mike Olson, Brooke Baldwin, Shauna Sallmen, Gubbi Sudhakaran 

April 25, 2007

Gustav M. Borstad
Andrew M. Gierke
Travis Noffke
Joseph A. Pfannes
Paul W. Schack
Andrew B. Seppala
Andrew P. Soderstrom
Jacob A. Turgeon
Paul L. Vaughan
Lee R. Wienkes
Sarah J. Witmer
Erica M. Wohlers

2007 Inductees

(from left, back row) Paul Vaughan, Paul Schack, Joseph Pfannes, Jake Turgeon, Bob Ragan, Eric Barnes

(from left, middle row) Mike Jackson, John Colton, Erica Wohlers, Sarah Witmer, Travis Noffke, Shauna Sallmen, T.A.K. Pillai

(from left, front row) Andrew Gierke, Andrew Soderstrom, Lee Wienkes, Gus Borstad

April 26, 2006

Jennifer Duaime
Katrina A. Faucett
Joshua H. Hakala
Jonathan W. Hart
Matthew J. Ramberg
Robert J. Shirey
Eric Brian Wiita
William H. Young IV

2006 Inductees

(from left, back row) Matthew J. Ramberg, William H. Young IV , Robert J. Shirey, Jonathan W. Hart
(from left, front row) Dr. John Colton, Katrina A. Faucett, Jennifer Duaime, Dr. TAK Pillai

March 9, 2005

D. Buschke
B. Chuzles
T. Garrod
L. Marshke
S. Petersen
M. Spurr
A. Stokes
M. Theisen
H. Yamashita

2005 Inductees

(from left, back row) Dr. T. A. K. Pillai, Andy Stokes, Matt Spurr, Mike Theisen, Toby Garrod and Dr. Mike Jackson
(from left, front row) Dave Buschke, Sarah Petersen, Brooke Chuzles, Laura Marschke and Hiroki Yamashita

April 28, 2004

Amelia Bloom
Chris DiRocco
Marie Finch
Paul Noffke
Troy Reabe
Adam Witkiewicz

2004 Inductees

(from left, back row) Dr. T. A. K. Pillai, Adam Witkiewicz, Paul Noffke, Dr. Mike Jackson
(from left, front row) Chris DiRocco, Marie Finch, Amelia Bloom, Troy Reabe

April 9, 2003

Patrick A. Berry
Adam R. Bush
Jeffrey M. Knier

2003 Inductees

(from left) Dr. Mike Jackson, Pat Berry, Adam Bush, Jeff Knier and Dr. T. A. K. Pillai

December 6, 2000

Mani Bidar
Heidi J. Hockel
Michael E. Lauters
Nathan P. Leisso
Chester P. McDonald
Timothy W. Molter
Quinn D. Sanford
Bradley A. Schaller
Andrea B. Schnelle
John J. Sullivan

2000 Inductees

(from left, back row) Dr. Frank Barmore, Heidi Hockel, Chip McDonald, Andrea Schnelle, Dr. Robert Ragan, Mani Bidar, Nathan Leisso, John Sullivan, Dr. Robert Klindworth, Prof. Robert Allen, Dr. T. A. K. Pillai, Dr. Mike Jackson, Dr. Mike LeDocq
(from left, front row) Quinn Sanford, Tim Molter, Michael Lauters and Brad Schaller

April 28, 1999

Curtis Anderson
Joe Blackburn
Jeremy Dobler
Scott Haag
Brian Kinder
Nick Roland
Debra Zaliewski

1999 Inductees

(from left, back row) Nick Roland, Brian Kinder, Joe Blackburn, Curtis Anderson, Dr. Robert Ragan, Dr. Michael Nelson (SAH Dean), Dr. Dell Fystrom, Jeremy Dobler, Dr. Robert Williams, Scott Haag and Prof. Robert Allen
(from left, front row) Debra Zaliewski, Dr. Mike LeDocq, Dr. Sudhakaran, Dr. T. A. K. Pillai and Dr. Frank Barmore