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Eric Snively

Assistant Professor

Office hours1-2 pm Monday, 10-11 am Friday. Also drop-in and by appointment
Specialty area(s)Vertebrate functional anatomy and paleontology
Current courses at UWLOrganismal Biology (BIO 203)
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (Spring)
Mammalogy (Fall)
Undergraduate research
Research and publishingI primarily investigate how large carnivorous dinosaurs caught and fed upon their prey. The rex Lab at UW La Crosse currently has 10 undergraduates and 3 accepted graduate students who research raptor and crocodilian feeding, dinosaur muscle function, leg and foot stresses of human motion, carnivore ecology, and bird ecology. Prospective inquiries are welcome. More information and publication links are at the lab web site (URL below).
EducationPhD in Vertebrate Paleontology. University of Calgary
MSc in Biomedical Engineering. Ohio University
MSc in Zoology. University of Calgary
BA in Integrative Biology. University of California, Berkeley
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