Admission Requirements

It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin Physical Therapy Consortium that all students who desire admission to the program must meet the requirements and complete the admission process by the posted deadlines.  All applications will be carefully reviewed, adhering to the procedure detailed below.  All applicants, regardless of professional or academic background, must meet the following requirements for admission:


All students must earn a Bachelor's degree prior to entering the PT Program.  Students may complete their BA or BS while applying, but they must complete their degree before matriculating in the program.  Accepted students completing a Bachelor's degree will need to submit a final transcript demonstrating the issuance of their degree.  The program does not require the Bachelor's degree be completed in any particular major or discipline, nor does the program have any bias toward a particular major or discipline.

Students enrolled in either of UW-L's Dual Degree Programs are exempt from this requirement.

Cumulative GPA:

A minimum cumulative GPA on all post-high school courses of 3.00, calculated on a 4-point scale, is required of all applicants.  The cumulative GPA calculated by PTCAS and listed on the applicant's PTCAS application will serve as the GPA of record.  Applicants not meeting the 3.00 requirement will be removed from consideration.  For questions regarding GPA calculation please contact PTCAS or review the PTCAS website.

Prerequisite Coursework and GPA:

All prerequisite (prereq) courses must be completed prior to beginning the program; without exception.  Students may apply with outstanding prereq courses so long as the student demonstrates a plan to complete those courses before matriculating in the program.  Accepted students completing prereq courses while applying will need to submit a final transcript demonstrating the successful completion of these courses.  Comparable courses from regionally accredited institutions are acceptable.  No prerequisite coursework with a grade below C will be accepted.  The program does not have a "statute of limitations" on prerequisite courses.  Applicants will be considered to have met the prerequisites even if the courses were taken many years ago, however, with the program's academic rigor the applicant's current academic aptitude is considered.

A minimum GPA of 3.00 in the program's ten prereq courses is required of all applicants.  Applicants not meeting the 3.00 prereq GPA requirement will not be considered for admission.

For further information on prerequisite course requirements please visit Prerequisite Coursework.


The program requires all applicants take the GRE general exam.  No minimum score is required.  GRE scores remain valid for five (5) years.  No exceptions will be made to the GRE requirement, regardless of professional and/or academic background.  The program will not accept any other exam results (i.e., subject specific exams) as a substitute for general GRE exam results.

The program's PTCAS GRE code is 0344.  This code will result in ETS electronically forwarding results directly to PTCAS for inclusion with the applicant's PTCAS record.

Minimum GRE score requirements:
The program requires applicants to achieve the following minimum scores in the three GRE categories.  Applicants not meeting the minimum score requirement in any of the three categories will not be considered for admission.
    - Verbal - 143
    - Quantitative - 143
    - Analytical/Written - 3.0

For information regarding deadlines by which the GRE must be completed please visit Date and Deadlines.


The UW-L PT Program participates in the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS).  The PTCAS application is easily completed online using their web-based data entry system.  Applicants must submit any and all observations, references and transcripts to PTCAS for inclusion with their PTCAS application.  The PTCAS application also includes all required narratives.  Aforementioned materials should not be sent to the UW-L PT Program and will not be accepted.  Please mail materials to:

PO Box 9112
Watertown, MA 02471

The PTCAS 2014-15 application cycle will begin on approx. July 1, 2014, at which time applicants may create an account and begin the online application process.  If you have questions regarding the PTCAS application please contact PTCAS at


All required narratives are now incorporated in the PTCAS application.  In addition to the mandatory narrative required of all applicants, the UW-L PT Program has included several other narratives, listed below.

-  Describe why you have chosen to apply to the Physical Therapy program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and how you intend to contribute to the program if accepted.

-  Utilizing insight from your clinical observations or other healthcare experiences, describe how professionalism plays a role in the practice of physical therapy.

-  Optional:  If you have previously applied to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, what steps have you taken to enhance your application to make you a stronger candidate?

PT Clinical Observation Hours:

Forty (40) hours of either paid or volunteer patient care experience in two (2) distinctly different physical therapy patient care settings (e.g., Inpatient Rehabilitation, Acute Care, Subacute Care, Outpatient Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Skilled Nursing Facility, Schools, Home Health) under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist are required for admission.  The two (2) distinctly different experiences may occur within one institution, however, the patient populations must not overlap.  It is vital that this directive is followed as it insures that each applicant has appropriate exposure to diverse patient populations.  There must be a minimum of 20 hours in each setting. This experience may be either observational or participatory but must involve direct patient contact. 

The program requires verification of all clinical observation hours.  A licensed physical therapist must verify the applicant's experience.  The physical therapist may submit verification to PTCAS either electronically or by paper.  The UW-L PT Program strongly encourages applicants request the physical therapists shadowed verify the hours observed electronically.  Verifications submitted via paper require greater processing time for PTCAS and may delay the completion of the applicant's application.

Applicants enter their observation hours directly into their PTCAS application.  A program specific observation form is no longer provided or required, and therefore, will not be accepted by the UW-L PT Program.


On your PTCAS application list two (2) persons submitting evaluations on your behalf.  Evaluators may complete the process via the Electronic Letters of Reference (eLORs).  PTCAS also permits the submission of paper references and provides a standard form.  The UW-L PT Program strongly encourages applicants to utilize the eLORS whenever possible.  Paper references require greater processing time for PTCAS and may delay the completion of the applicant's application.

As the UW-L PT Program encourages use of the eLORs provided by PTCAS, the program will no longer provide or accept the previously available program specific recommendation form.  PTCAS provides a form for those seeking paper references.


All transcripts are to be directed to PTCAS.  Transcripts sent to the UW-L PT Program or the UW-L Office of Admissions will not be applied towards the applicant's application.

Program Application Fee:

Submission of the program's application fee of $15 is required for admission.  Further information is available at the following - Application Materials

Graduate School:

Only after gaining admission to the program will applicants complete the online application to the UW-L Graduate School.  Information on how to proceed with the online application and deadlines will be included with any offer of admission.

Please email Pete Amann at with any questions regarding program admission.