The HSC's Strzelczyk Clinical Biomechanics Laboratory is part of the La Crosse Institute for Movement Science, or LIMS.  The lab covers approximately 2,000 sq. ft.  The laboratory has capabilities for the acquisition of three dimension motion analysis via a eight camera system, force and pressure distribution measurements, and electromyography.

Biomechanics Laboratory Photo

Physical Therapy students take courses in biomechanics, instrumentation, and research in the Strzelczyk Laboratory.  Many student and faculty research projects have been published in refereed journals.

See more laboratory photos, see what the biomechanics laboratory is working on!

Interested in learning more about Strzelczyk Laboratory activities (equipment specifics, faculty and student publications, personnel, etc.)?  Visit the Strzelczyk Clinical Biomechanics Laboratory and the La Crosse Institute for Movement Science (LIMS).

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