Who are the parties in this consortium?

UW - La Crosse (UW-L) and UW - Milwaukee (UW-M)

Why a consortial DPT?

The UW Board of Regents requires that any new degree (i.e. the DPT) be offered collaboratively.  UW-Milwaukee and UW-La Crosse have created such a collaboration (UW DPT Program).  This model allows faculties from both campuses to collaborate on research, curricular design, instructional methods, sharing faculty expertise and whenever possible other resources.  Clinical education contracts and sites will be shared.  Common admission processes will be utilized by the partners as well.

Is the curriculum the same between UW-L and UW-M?

Yes, both programs will teach the same courses at the same time using common objectives.  Faculty members on each campus independently design how they will teach these common objectives using the expertise and preferred teaching methods unique to each campus and instructor.

Who is the degree granting institution?

DPT students will receive a diploma stating that the UW System Board of Regents, upon recommendation of the University of Wisconsin [La Crosse OR Milwaukee], confers the DPT degree.  The campus where the student studied will be recognized on their diploma.

What about accreditation?

Each program is responsible for satisfying the Commission on Accreditation for Physical Therapist Education’s (CAPTE) accreditation standards.

Can a student still get a MSPT degree?

UW-L and UW-M will only offer the DPT degree for entry level students.  The last MSPT class from UW-L graduated in December, 2006.  Most PT Programs throughout the country have either converted to the DPT degree or are in the process of doing so.  Currently all Wisconsin PT Programs offer the DPT.

Does the the University of Wisconsin Physical Therapy Consortium offer a transitional DPT degree?

Yes.  UW-Milwaukee currently offers a transitional DPT degree.  The curriculum is designed for learning to take place both on line and on site.  For more information, please consult