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La Crosse Public Library
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Beyond the Ramp: Disability Awareness

Did you know that more than 50 million Americans have a disability?

That is 18% of our population.

Picture art of handicap road signs

Our Purpose:
This website was created to increase awareness of disability within the community. People with disabilities are individuals. Even though the disability might be a big part of their life, it does not define them. We hope to increase awareness through personal interaction with our community and through this website.

Our website includes sections:

"Disability Etiquette" - This section provides specific examples of how to interact with those around you with a disability. It also provides helpful tools for employees in the work setting to learn how to better help customers with disabilities.

"La Crosse Public Library" - The wheelchair accessibility summary of the La Crosse Public Library is located here. The library has a lot of great accessible areas. For patrons, this information may be helpful when deciding to access a place of business. For business owners and employees, this information can be helpful when comparing the information to your place of business. There is a template located here for use to measure your place of business and compare it to the ADA regulation measurements.

"Links" - This section can be used to find more information nationally or locally.

"UW-L Physical Therapy" - This section gives us access to other students' projects.


For questions or comments on this website, please contact Chandra Shirley or Sarah Tappon.

Last modified: November 12, 2010