Disability Etiquette
La Crosse Public Library
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La Crosse Public Library


La Crosse Public Library

800 Main Street

La Crosse, WI 54601

     Great Accessibility Areas: 

  •  There are new updates inside all restrooms for wheelchair accessibility (see Fig. 1).

  •  The stacks are wheelchair accessible with appropriate turning ability to maneuver at least one or both ends of the stack (See Fig. 2).

  •  Spacious floor space by the check out desk/entrance into the library for easy wheelchair accessibility into the building and into the main foyer area. There are no displays an individual would have to maneuver around.

  •  There are wheelchair accessible check out areas on both floors.

  •  There is full wheelchair access to all magazines and music (including floor space and reaching heights).

  •  All study desks are wheelchair accessible on both floors.

  •  There is at least one card catalog desk on each floor that is wheelchair accessible.

  •  The children’s area has full wheelchair accessibility to everything, with very creative open spaces.


Fig. 31 Lavatory Clearances









Fig. 1 Lavatory Clearances


Fig. 7 Accessible Route









Fig. 2a  Accessible Route


Fig. 1 Minimum Clear Width for Single Wheelchair










Fig. 2b  Accessible Route


ADA regulations & The Library:

This PDF file compares ADA wheelchair accessibility measurements to the library's measurements. This document provides an example of how a business can check their own accessibility to the measurements regulated by the ADA.
This PDF file is a template you can use as a business to gather your own information.

Code of federal regulations by the ADA