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The purpose of this project is to increase awareness of activity

options for people with disabilities in the La Crosse area.  The

website is designed by two University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Doctorate of Physical Therapy students.  Regular physical activity

is encouraged for people of all ages and abilities because the benefits are abundant.



Why exercise?

- According to the Center for Disease Control, individuals who have a physical disability are less

likely to engage in regular physical activity.


- Any moderate amount of daily physical activity can bring significant benefits.


- Similar benefits can be found in both longer, moderate activity levels and shorter, higher

intensity activity levels.


- Physical activity has been shown to decrease the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease

and colon cancer, as well as reduce anxiety and depression and improve mood.


- Physical activity can also improve strength and stamina in people with chronic conditions.                                                                            

                     - Source: http://www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/sgr/disab.htm


Exercise Tips:


Picture Source: http://www.chelmsford.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=9481&articleaction=print

- Consult a physician when beginning an exercise routine. 


- When beginning an exercise routine, it is important to

start gradually and build up time and intensity slowly. 


- If possible, get an individual exercise program from a

trained professional.


- Stop exercising if you feel any shortness of breath,

chest pain, dizziness, or nausea.Pict


 (Picture Source: http://www.chelmsford.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=9481&articleaction=print)

What do I look for when choosing a fitness center?

- When looking into a fitness facility, keep in mind a variety of factors, including:





        -Equipment/classes offered



- Take a tour and ask questions before signing a membership. 


- If possible, get a guest pass to try out the facility.


- For more in depth tips, see the NCPAD's information page on choosing a fitness center.


- Also, see the before and after fitness center makeover for things to look for in the facility.



For questions or comments, contact Shelly Schauer or Brittany Young

Last Updated: Nov. 17, 2010