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Other Fitness Options

Camping / Hiking



The "Open the Outdoors" effort is a

nationwide program to open up

recreational activities for people with

disabilities.  Through this effort, several

Wisconsin State Parks offer handicapped

accessible cabins.  In addition to camping,

there are several accessible trails and

hunting and fishing areas.


                                                                                                           picture source: www.riseadventures.org/img/Camping.jpg

For more information see the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.




Outdoor Club   


The Outdoor Club is run through the City of La Crosse Parks and Recreation Department. 

This club offers outdoor activities to people with special needs.  The club meets once a

month, and prices and times vary, depending on the activity.


For more information see the Special Rec section on the City of La Crosse Parks and

Recreation website.


Riverfront Inc

Picture source: http://www.ikanbowler.com/in-the-news.html


                                                               Riverfront Inc is a non-profit organization that

                                                               provides various recreational activities -                                                               including bowling and day trips - primarily

                                                               for people with cognitive disabilities,

                                                               including those in wheelchairs.


                                                               For more information see Riverfront Inc.

Picture source: http://www.ikanbowler.com/in-the-news.html



Map My Walk

Type in where you want to walk and the website generates walking loops and distances.

For more information see Map My Walk.


Buying fitness equipment

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Many home gyms are wheelchair accessible.  Any gym that is labeled

as a "functional trainer" can be used with wheelchairs that have the

ability to "lock" themselves in place.  For more options, many stores sell light weights, balls, exercise videos and other equipment.


For more information see MC Sports.






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