Capstone Research Posters 2012-2013

What is the Capstone Research Project?


Supervised by Dr. Rob Dixon:

Nicole Howes, Teacher Motivational Styles: Impact of Teaching Experience and Grade Level

Karisa Weske, Student Engagement in High School: Impacts of Teacher Support

Supervised by Dr. Joci Newton:

Britney Below, Early Literacy Skills: Identifying the Predictors of Future Success

Mackenzie Ferguson, Acculturation of English Language Learners: Predictor for Academic Success

Brynn Parker, Early Literacy in Preschool: Are Social Skills Related to Reading?

Laura Rapp, The Relationship Between Persistence and Student Engagement in Youth

Supervised by Dr. Betty DeBoer:

Julia Salzman, Classroom Management: Do Teacher Efficacy and Experience Matter?

Melannie Tate, Assessing School Psychologists' Knowledge of Child Sexual Abuse

Lauren Byrne, Autism Spectrum Disorder: Regular Education Teachers' Perceptions of Inclusion

Supervised by Dr. Russel Vaden:

Anthony Frank, The Impact of RtI Skills and Beliefs on Teacher Efficacy

Lindsey Adams, Middle School Transition: Will Emotional Intelligence Help Pave the Way?

Myah Houge, Childhood Depression: Impact of Teacher Efficacy and Knowledge on Referral


Supervised by Dr. Rob Dixon:

Paul Fitts, Moving Districts Forward: Examining Differences in Teachers' Beliefs about Behavior

Jaden Ganser, Student Retention: Examining the Attitudes and Knowledge of Elementary Teachers

Kevin Lewandowski, Breaking Down Barriers: Predicting Parental Involvement in School

Angelica Wegman,  The Importance of Teacher Efficacy on Classroom Management Practices for Elementary Teachers

Supervised by Dr. Joci Newton:

Cory Cooper, "The Little Engine That Could": Examining Persistence in Youth

Emily Gorski, English Language Learners: Exploring Connections to the School

Sarah Payne, Child Development Knowledge and Authoritative Parenting: Implications for Adolescent Mothers

Andrea Tirabassi, The Relationship Between Social Competence and Student Dropout

Emily VanEyll, Teachers' Perceptions of Children With ADHD Label and Stimulant Medication

Supervised by Dr. Betty DeBoer:

Megan Pulvermacher, Teacher Understanding of Mental Health and Implications for School Psychology