Student Theses from Past Six Years

Supervised by: Dr. Robert Dixon    Dr. Betty DeBoer    Dr. Jocelyn Newton

Theses Supervised by Dr. Robert Dixon
  • Coping Styles in Adolescents with a Learning Disability and Adolescents in Regular Education

  • The Effects of Martial Arts Training on Children's Attention

  • The Effect of Motivation on Academic Engagement in Regular Education and Learning Disabled High School Students

  • The Assessment of Information Processing for Reading and Writing Achievement

  • Information Processing Observation Form as a Predictor of Math Achievement

  • An Examination of Goal Orientations in High School Athletes and Non-Athletes

  • Training Factors Affecting School Psychologists’ Comfort in Providing Services to Grieving Students

  • The Effect of High and Low Athletic Identity on Academic Self-Efficacy in Middle and Secondary Students

  • Peer Acceptance Attitudes: Exploring the Differences between Transfer, Retained, and Accelerated Students

  • Goal Orientation among Students Identified with Specific Learning Disabilities

  • Examining Academic Self-Efficacy:  Implications for Students at Risk of School Dropout

  • The Prediction of Relational Aggression Based on Hassles and Coping Styles of Female Adolescents

  • A Comparison between WISC-III and WISC-IV Composite Scores for Students with Specific Leaning Disabilities

  • An Examination of Teacher Resistance to Consultation with School Psychologists

  • Gender Differences in the Self-Concept of Gifted and Regular Education Students

  • Coping Styles in Gifted and Talented Adolescents and Adolescents in Regular Education

  • Professional Burnout in School Psychology: Impact of Changing Practices

  • Persistence n Children:  A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Persistence in Fourth and Sixth Grade Students

  • Teacher Perceptions of Problem Solving Teams

  • To Tell or Not to Tell:  Factors Predicting Adolescent Students’ Decisions to Report Social Aggression

  • Comparison of CHC factors in the Woodcock Johnson-III and the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children-II

  • The Relationship Between High School Athletics and Self-Efficacy

  • Motivation: Goal Orientation Among Middle School Students

Theses Supervised by Dr. Betty DeBoer
  • The Effects of the Mystery Motivator Technique on Homework Completion

  • Efficacy of Early Reading Intervention Program Comparing Gender

  • Examining the Link Between Behavior and Reading Problems: The Efficacy of Early Reading Intervention on Behavior and Reading Problems 

  • The Efficacy of Two Early Reading Intervention Programs for First Grade Hmong Students

  • Academic and Behavioral Predictors of Problem Behavior in 4th Grade

  • Phonemic Awareness as a Predictor of Reading Comprehension

  • The Impact of Early Reading Intervention on Concept Formation of First Graders

  • Early Reading Skills as Predictors of Academic Achievement

  • Classroom Behaviors of Children Identified as Poor Readers in First Grade

  • Academic and Behavioral Predictors of Later Achievement for Low Readers

  • Early Reading Intervention:  Impact of Group Size

  • The Effects of Early Reading Intervention on Second and Third Grade Reading Achievement

  • School Psychologists’ Attitudes and Knowledge about Homosexuality: Implications for Graduate training Programs in School Psychology

  • Reading and Academic Self-Efficacy

  • Teachers' Knowledge and Opinions Toward ADHD and Stimulant Medication

  • The Relationship between Gender, Knowledge of Child Development, and Parenting Attitudes of Adolescents in an Urban School

  • The Efficacy of Skillstreaming on Elementary-Aged Children with Specific Learning Disabilities

  • Teacher Perceptions of the Importance and Feasibility of School-Based Eating Disorder Prevention Activities
    How Hispanic Families are Responding to the IEP Process

Theses Supervised by Dr. Jocelyn Netwon
  • Teacher Cultural Competence at an Elementary School with an Ethnically Diverse Student Population

  • Differences in Resilience among African-American, Inner City Students with and without Severe Disruptive Behaviors

  • Effect of Experience and Professional Development on Multicultural Teaching Competence

  • Teacher Knowledge and Views of the Response to Intervention Initiative

  • Staff and Student Perceptions of School Climate: The Need for School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

  • The Relationship between Kindergarteners’ Social Skills and Literacy Development

  • Family Involvement of Hmong Parents

  • Reading Self-Efficacy in Elementary Age Students

  • The Relationship Between Social Competence and Student Dropout