Minor in Archaeological Studies

The Department of Sociology and Archaeology offers a minor in Archaeological Studies.  This minor has been designed for students who have an interest in past cultures and societies.  It provides students with a foundation in the methods and techniques used by archaeologists to investigate our human past while also allowing students to explore their interests in various pasts civilizations or aspects of past human societies.  Students who would benefit from the minor include those majoring in History, Environmental Science, Geography, and Sociology.


 All colleges, excluding Teacher Certification programs

21 credits, including ARC 195, 200 and electives in archaeology. Of the 15 elective credits at least nine credits must be at the 300- or 400-level. Archaeology credits applied to the anthropology minor, history major or minor, sociology major or minor, and/or the geoarchaeology minor may not be applied to archaeology minor.


       ARC 195- Archaeology (3 cr.)
       ARC 200- World Archaeology- The Story of Our Past (3 cr.)

SELECT FROM THE FOLLOWING ELECTIVES: (15 credits total, at least 9 at the 300- or 400- level)

Archaeology Electives:

 Choose no more than 2 courses from the following: (6 credits)

       ARC 204 Ancient Literate Civilizations
       ARC 250 Museum Studies
       ARC 275 Ancient Britain and Ireland
       ARC 280 Archaeology of the Andes
       ARC 285 Archaeology of Mexico and Central America

Choose at least 9 Credits from the following (all courses are 3 cr. unless otherwise indicated)

       ARC 300 Cultural Resource Management
       ARC 304 Hunter and Gatherer Societies
       ARC 305 Indigenous Agricultural Societies: Past and Present
       ARC 310 Midwest Archaeology
       ARC 315 Prairie-Plains Archaeology
       ARC 320 Historical Archaeology
       ARC 331 The Ancient Greek World
       ARC 332 Ancient Rome and the Mediterranean
       ARC 334 Bones for the Archaeologist: Human Skeletal Anatomy and the Anthropological Study of the Dead
       ARC 340 The Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations
       ARC 341 North American Archaeology
       ARC 350 Cr. 1-6 Independent Foreign Research in Archaeology
       ARC 353 Maya Civilization
       ARC 365 Ancient Iraq
       ARC 366 Ancient Israel
       ARC 367 Ancient Egypt
       ARC 368 History of Babylonian Language and Culture I
       ARC 369 History of Babylonian Language and Culture II
       ARC 372 History of Women in the Ancient World
       ARC 395 Graduate Preparation Seminar (1 Cr.)
       ARC 399 Archaeological Forum (1-3 cr. ) 
ARC 402 Field Methods in Archaeology
ARC 403 Archaeology Lab Methods (3-8 cr.)
       ARC 404 Environmental Archaeology
       ARC 409 Readings and Research in Archaeology (1-3 cr. )
       ARC 445 Research Methods in Archaeology
       ARC 450 Internship in Archaeology (1-15 cr.)
       ARC 455 Historical and Theoretical Perspectives in Archaeology
       ARC 498/598 Seminar in Archaeology (1-3 cr. )
       ARC 499 Senior Project/Thesis in Archaeology

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