A student who feels strongly that his or her semester grade in a course taught by the department is demonstrably improper, or that the grading was prejudicial or capricious, should first confer promptly with the instructor[s] of the course.

If the student and the instructor[s] are unable to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution, the student may appeal the case, within one month after the start of the next semester (for the purposes of student appeal the 'next semester' applies to Fall, Spring or Summer Session, whichever follows immediately the semester for which the student grade was received), according to the following procedure:

  • The student will submit a written statement to the department Chairperson, setting forth his/her reasons for seeking an appeal and presenting any supporting evidence he/she may have. The Chair will then give a copy of this grade grievance to the instructor who is the object of this complaint. The Chair will request that the instructor make a written reply to these allegations. The student’s written grievance along with the instructor’s written reply to that grievance will then be forwarded to the grade Appeals Committee after it has been constituted. (Amended 2/20/01) The Chairperson will then appoint a three-member ad hoc Appeals Committee to review this appeal. The members of this committee will be randomly selected from the Department excluding the instructor[s] teaching the course in which the appeal has been made.This committee will meet to review the student's appeal within one week of its selection. If the committee feels that further review is warranted it is strongly encouraged to meet with the student and, if necessary, to also meet separately with the instructor.
  • A written decision will be sent to the student by the Appeals Committee. Reasons for the decision will be included in this letter.


1. The decision of the Appeals Committee is held to be advisory.

2. The Appeals Committee may report a faculty member who has failed to comply with its recommendation to the full faculty and request a review.

3. Any faculty member who feels that her/his Appeals Committee has made an unfounded or biased decision may make such a charge before the full faculty. In the event of such a charge the committee in question will be required to defend its recommendation before the full faculty. The department as a whole will then make its recommendation.

4. A student may appeal either an Appeals Committee decision or an instructor's refusal to abide by the Committee decision to the full department, should he/she elect to do so. In such an eventuality the Department may elect to hold the hearing in a closed session at its discretion. The student will be invited to present his/her case before the department at the department's discretion. Any review must be based solely upon material supplied by the student to the original Appeals Committee.

5. The decision of the faculty of the Department of Sociology/ Archaeology will constitute the final level of grade appeals within the Departmental jurisdiction. This decision, not unlike the decision of the Appeals Committee, is also held to be advisory to the faculty member whose grade is being appealed.