What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of human groups and how the groups influences social behavior. The field is both a science and a philosophy, seeking to answer questions about human behavior through the use of scientific methods. Sociology gives us new and important knowledge about the social world. Through sociology, students frequently find that they begin to question their "common sense" understanding of the world. As a philosophy, sociology enables students' to view society critically and more objectively.

Why Study Sociology?

You will find that sociology is a broad field, encompassing an almost unlimited scope of issues and problems. Sociologists study everything from love and marriage to war and revolution. Sociology will give you important insight into the forces that shape you and your world. It deals with the stuff of everyday life, but in an unconventional manner, providing new meaning and understanding. If you are not curious, sociology is not for you.

Careers in Sociology

Students are often uncertain about what they can do with a degree in sociology. Many believe that sociology is an interesting and attractive field, but not a practical one. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a liberal arts discipline, sociology offers career possibilities that are more diverse than those offered by many other degree programs, and people with degrees in sociology are found in a wide range of occupational areas (see our section on Careers)

Students majoring in sociology find that their ability to deal creatively with new and challenging problems is an appealing quality to employers such as corporations, government agencies, social service institutions, and law enforcement agencies. Liberal arts majors often excel in managerial and personnel fields because of their broad training.