Jodi Vandenberg-Daves        For more about Jodi, see her professional bio

Contacting Jodi:  4307 Centennial Hall, 608-785-8346, or

Information for Students

Jodi with sonWGSS Courses:

My Regular Courses:

WGS 230 “Women’s Diversity”

WGS/HIS 305 “History of Motherhood in the United States”

WGS/HIS 301 “History of Women in the Modern U.S.”

WGS/HIS 315 “History of Feminist Thought”

WGS 225 “Women and Leadership”

Internships:  I am the internship coordinator for the department, so if you are interested in an internship, come and see me.  If you know of an internship that could be valuable to students of women’s, gender and sexuality studies, drop me an e-mail at

Women’s Studies Student Association:  I am the faculty advisor for Women’s Studies Student Association.  To get involved with WSSA, please contact me or WSSA’s student leader, Genia Castro at

Asian Latina African Native American Women:  I also advise this student organization.  To get involved, contact me or ALANA's student leader, Lareina Taing at

Working with Students. I am happy to advise students in coursework, research projects, internships and career planning.  Please stop in my office at 4307 Centennial Hall, or e-mail me to set up an appointment.