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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
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    GENDER  is a society's ideas about what it means to be male or female.  Gender works with with other ideas like RACE, CLASS, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, to shape our lives.  It influences how we think about relationships.  It structures our decisions about work and determines how much money we are likely to make.  It disrupts health diagnoses and treatment.  It stigmatizes behaviors and actions.  It even determines what we eat, wear, and buy. 

    And  it has always generated  action  and organized  movements  seeking equality, worldwide.

    The Department of WGSS  enacts the Wisconsin Idea: that universities should produce knowledge and educate students in ways that serve real people.  We study and teach on the lives of women, men, and sexual or gender identity minorities.  We examine the ways that race, social class, age, and other socially constructed hierarchies connect to gender to impact people's real lives.  We study how social change works and what social justice might look like.  We use and teach students to use academic skills to make social change.  We maintain the connection between theory and practice, issues and advocacy, throughout our curricula and in all our programs.

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    Our programs include: 

    In the tradition of Women's Studies and its sister disciplines, our courses approach problems and issues from interdisciplinary perspectives.  They enhance courses on women, gender, and sexuality issues crosslisted in the traditional disciplines, and provide students with numerous opportunities to integrate their learning across their baccalaureate degree.

    Dept. of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, 4300 Centennial Hall, 608.785.8357.  Or email Deb Hoskins