Annual Report

Thanks to your generosity, the Foundation was able to award $1.285 million in scholarships this year. We thank you all for your gifts this past year - you have helped many students stay in school, fund special programs and provide research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. 

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It all starts here. Then, Wisconsin benefits.

Wisconsin’s top-notch students deserve to learn in top-notch labs and classrooms.
Top-notch faculty deserve to teach in a top-notch facility.
That’s the perfect prescription for success at UWL — allowing us to better train the next generation of Wisconsin educators, health care workers and STEM professionals.
And a key to continued success is completing the university’s new science complex — replacing the outdated Cowley Hall, whose learning spaces are much worse than any of the state’s 673 public high schools.
You may have caught why the project is so important to the university in the winter Lantern, sent to alumni and friends through the mail in late January. Now you can see even more about the project online.
It’s easy to catch all the bonus content on many of the stories in the winter Lantern.

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