Meet the team

Meet the team

Gregory Reichert  Profile of Gregory Reichert

VC Advancement/Pres Foundation
111 Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

Specialty areas:

Fundraising, alumni relations, marketing & communications

Maegan Ames  Profile of Maegan Ames

Executive Assistant I
Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

Holly Anderson  Profile of Holly Anderson

Advancement Services Assistant Director
100 Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

Tracy Gaskin  Profile of Tracy Gaskin

Major Gifts Officer
120 Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

Jeffrey Meyer  Profile of Jeffrey Meyer

Development Director
114 Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

Tim Yourison  Profile of Tim Yourison

Athletics Development Officer
100 Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

Jenna Ives  Profile of Jenna Ives  Office hours

Major Gifts Specialist
124 Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

Sara Olson  Profile of Sara Olson

Chancellor's Executive Assistant
133 Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Coordinates the UWL Foundation scholarship program.

Taylor Wilmoth  Profile of Taylor Wilmoth

Annual Giving Manager
116 Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

Specialty areas:

Annual Fund management, philanthropy education, donor marketing and communications 

Kelsey Foss  Profile of Kelsey Foss

Donor Relations Coordinator
106 Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

Marcus Buchholz  Profile of Marcus Buchholz  Office hours

Financial Manager
101A Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

Student Outreach Representatives expanding section

Student Outreach Representatives

Our Student Outreach Representatives are current UWL students dedicated to connecting with alumni and friends of the university.  Our team of 13 students call UWL supporters each spring and fall on behalf of the UWL Foundation. Each night they work to reach thousands of alumni, parents, employees and friends of UWL: delivering the latest campus news, updating contact information, and inviting donors to make a gift in support of students is their mission.

Who do we call?

Our student specialists try to connect with every UWL alumnus and alumnae. Additionally, we call parents of current and former UWL students, current and retired employees and friends of the university. 

Who can I contact?

If you would like to discuss your experience with a student caller, please contact Taylor at 608.785.8765 or

Did you have a great experience chatting with our students? Let them know.

If you are interested in applying to be a Student Outreach Representative, please contact Taylor Wilmoth at