Financial reports

The UWL Foundation Annual Report outlines the assets and liabilities for the previous fiscal year (June 30-July 1). For more information, please contact Finance Director Pam Schomburg at or 608.785.8037.

Financial report

FINANCIAL REPORT For the 12 months ending December 31, 2016
Balance Sheet    
  Cash and Cash Investments $4,578,809
  Investments Professionally Managed $21,469,510
  Accounts Receivable $569,189
  Other Gifts Assets $283,997
  Building & Equipment $8,599
  Bond Service Costs $28,008
Total Assets   $26,938,112
Liabilities and Fund Balance
  Liabilities $45,794
  Due to other funds $0
  Interest rate swap agreements $0
  Bond Debt $935,000
  Total Liabilities $980,794
  Fund Balance $25,957,318
Total Liabilities and Funds Balance $27,918,906
Income December 31, 2016  
  Contributions and Capital Additions $3,128,271
  Interest and Other Income $977,597.00
Total Income   $4,105,868
Expenses (Support for the University)  
  Scholarships, Grants and Awards Campus and Community $3,278,083
  Fund Raising Costs $69,854
  Costs of Operations $235,324
Total Expenses   $3,583,261
  Net Appreciation (Depreciation) on Investments $1,074,583
  Increase/(Decrease) in Fund Balance $1,597,190
  Beginning Fund Balance $24,360,128
  Ending Fund Balance $25,957,318

Breakdown of Expenditures

Percent of each dollar expended for services, fundraising and operations. (12 months ending December 2016)

  • 91.5% - Program services
    Ongoing projects - endowment and restricted scholarships, university and community projects, faculty development grants, public education and other designated gifts. 
  • 1.9% - Fundraising costs
    Expenses for annual fund and phonathon mailings and with alumni and other friends of UW-La Crosse planning special gifts.
  • 6.6% - Cost of operations
    The administration, distribution and evaluation of scholarship and loan applications,  administration of faculty grants, maintenance of on-campus support programs (e.g., publications, receptions, etc.).