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College of Business Administration (CBA)


Silver Eagles Logo

Silver Eagles

As a part of the College of Business Administration’s 25th Anniversary celebration, the Silver Eagles Alumni Organization was created in 1996. The Silver Eagles uphold a tradition of duty to the College of Business Administration and service to the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.

The organization provides scholarships along with various networking opportunities to the College of Business Administration students as they prepare for their career in business.


The mission of the Silver Eagles is to serve, support, and advance the goals of students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse College of Business Administration.

Message from the President

Silver Eagles, Quarterly Newsletter (December 2023)


It is my honor to write to my fellow Silver Eagles as your new President of the Silver Eagles Alumni Organization.  I have enjoyed re-engaging with the College of Business and reconnecting with campus since joining the Silver Eagles board in 2021.  As Past President, Joe Chilsen, has wrote previously, the Silver Eagles board has made exciting changes in hopes of increasing membership and increasing engagement through a more informal structure, removing membership dues, adding regional socials, and having a social media presence.

We held our Annual Silver Eagles Meeting in October, in conjunction with Homecoming Weekend.  It is a wonderful time to come back to La Crosse, see the exciting changes continuing on campus, reconnect with fellow alumni, and enjoy the beautiful La Crosse area that certainly is a benefit for anyone attending UWL.  Attached you will find the minutes from the Annual Meeting.  The new Executive Members of the Board include Mandi Hinrichs ('03) – President; Mary Hericks - Vice President; Greg Curti ('85) – Treasurer; Jennifer Walkowiak (‘95) - Secretary; and Joe Chilsen ('87) - Past President.  We elected a new board member, Casey Severson ('19).  Casey works for Fastenal and lives in La Crosse.  We said goodbye to Marlin Helgeson, who has served on the Silver Eagles board for many years, including Past President.  Marlin and his wife, Julie, also hold a scholarship fund for the Silver Eagles.  We thank Marlin for all the work he has done to shape the Silver Eagles.  Two Golden Eagle Awards were presented.  This award recognizes a Silver Eagle member for their efforts to advance and promote the organization.  Congratulations to Amelia Dittman and Dan Braun.  Amelia was an Honorary member of the Silver Eagles and served as Historian for the organization during her tenure.  Dan served as Secretary/Treasurer for 17 years and is in his second year chairing the Take an Eagle to Breakfast committee.  Many thanks to both for their dedication to the Silver Eagles!

We look forward to a new year for the Silver Eagles.  Our focus will continue to increase membership and membership engagement.  We had two socials in 2023.  We met in Brookfield, WI in the spring, and in Trempealeau, WI in fall.  Both brought roughly fifteen attendees together. Our goal for 2024 is a social in the Oshkosh, WI area in winter, a spring social in Chicago, and again in La Crosse in October, in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and Homecoming Weekend.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 5, 2024, next year's Annual Meeting.

As membership is free, much of our income comes from the Take an Eagle to Breakfast (TAETB) event and donations.  The TAETB committee is working hard in preparation for the February 28, 2024, event held on campus in conjunction with the UWL Spring Career & Internship Fair.  You can find more information about the TAETB event HERE. There are sponsorship opportunities and details to attend.  If you prefer to send a donation direct to the Silver Eagles to support our scholarship efforts, we welcome and appreciate gifts of any size HERE! To date, the Silver Eagles have awarded more than $57,000 in scholarships!

Please continue to spread the word about the Silver Eagles.  The more engagement and the larger our membership, the more impactful we can be to the College of Business, students, alumni, and employers.  Stay connected with your Silver Eagles.  Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Our website is continually updating, you can visit us HERE.  If you wish to get involved with the Silver Eagles, drop us an email at [email address].  As a Silver Eagle there are several ways to get involved from near and far.


Mandi (McConnell) Hinrichs ('03)

News & Events


February 28, 2024: Take an Eagle to Breakfast (TAETB)
March 21, 2024: March Board Meeting 
September 12, 2024: September Board Meeting
October 5, 2024: '24 Annual Meeting



Scholarship Information

2023-2024     Daniel Thiem            $1,000      Helgeson SE CBA Scholarship

2023-2024     Alissa St. Louis        $1,000      Silver Eagles Scholarship

2023-2024     Journey Malacina     $1,000     Silver Eagles Scholarship

2023-2024     Zeina Battah              $1,000     Silver Eagles Scholarship

2023-2024     Amanda Marshall      $1,000     In Honor of Sara Olson

2022 Progress Report to Members on our Scholarship Efforts.pdf

2022-23 Scholarship Recipient Testimonials.pdf

Silver Eagles Guidelines
Board of Directors

Silver Eagles Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Mandi Hinrichs, '03, President
Mary Hericks, Vice President
Jennifer Walkowiak, Secretary
Greg Curti,  '85, Treasurer
Joe Chilsen, '87, Past President
TJ Brooks, Dean 

Additional Board Members
Joanna Binsfeld, '01
Dan Braund, '72
Joe Bucheger, '73
Steve Fleis, '74
Jeff Jensen, '70
Susan Pham, '88
David Ring, '84 & '95
Casey Severson, '19
Dan Wettstein, '73

Taggert Brooks, Dean CBA

University Contacts
Taggert Brooks Interim CBA Dean
Janie Morgan, '85 & '86 Executive Director of Strategic Engagement University Advancement

Silver Eagle Committees

Silver Eagles Committees

Governance Committee
This committee is a combination of the former bylaws and nominations committees and shall consist of at least three members of the Board, vice-president and the dean. The vice-president shall serve as the chairperson of the governance committee.

Mary Hericks - Chair
Taggert Brooks
Joanna Binsfeld
Greg Curti
David Ring

Marketing Committee
This committee shall consist of a chairperson from the Board, and at least two additional members of the Board, and a webmaster (does not have to be a member). This committee shall have membership, engagement, development and website subcommittees.

Mandi Hinrichs - Chair
Joe Bucheger 
Joe Chilsen
Susan Pham
Casey Severson
Jennifer Walkowiak
Dan Wettstein, '73
CBA Staff- Webmaster

Scholarship Committee
This committee shall consist of the dean (or designee), the Board president (or designee), and at least three members of the Board of directors. The dean (or designee) shall chair the committee. The Silver Eagles Scholarship Committee only makes recommendations regarding awarding scholarships and the Alumni & Friends Foundation has the final approval for all scholarships.

Taggert Brooks - Chair
Joanna Binsfeld
Greg Curti
Steve Fleis
Jeff Jensen


Follow Us on Social Media!

We want you to be as updated as possible on what is happening with the CBA and Silver Eagles. Be sure to follow us on Facebook @UWLCBASilverEagles

Take an Eagle to Breakfast 2024

Slide image for TAETB TAETB
Slide image for TAETB TAETB
Slide image for TAETB TAETB
Slide image for TAETB TAETB

Upcoming Events

For additional events, check out our events calendar: 

Events Calendar

Past Events

2023 Annual Meeting

2023 Annual Meeting 

2023 Annual Meeting Information

Click here to view more information

2022 Annual Meeting

Please join the Silver Eagles for our 2022 annual meeting on Saturday, October 22 at the Cleary Alumni & Friends Center. If you are unable to attend in person please join us on Zoom. HERE.

Below you will find our 2022 Annual Meeting Agenda:


Annual Meeting

Allen Conference Room

Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

October 22, 2022



I. Call to Order 10:00 am

II. Approval of the Minutes

III. Treasurer’s Report

IV. Dean’s Comments

V. Report from the President

VI. Strategic Planning Report

  • Approval of Strategic Planning Recommendations

VII. Report From Committees

  • Scholarship Committee
    • Ashley Butt - Silver Eagle Scholarship
    • Esbeidy Guevara – Silver Eagle Scholarship
    • Nicholas Litterer – Silver Eagle Scholarship
    • Annika Zillisch – Marlin and Julie Helgeson Scholarship
    • Nicholas Litterer – In honor of TJ by Marlin and Julie Helgeson
  • Marketing Committee
    • November Mixer
  • Nominations(Governance) Committee
  • Bylaws(Governance) Committee
    • Discussion and Approval of Bylaw Changes
  • Executive Committee

VIII. Election of New Board Members

  • Mary Hericks
  • Susan Pham
  • David Ring
  • Jennifer Walkowiak

IX. Discussion and Approval of Spring TAETB

  • Ad-Hoc Committee Establishment
  • February 22, 2022 (Ash Wednesday)

X. For the Good of the Order

XI. Adjournment

Other Past Events

Milwaukee Area – CBA Alumni Event​
When:  Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Where:  Colliers International

CBA Golf Challenge

When:  Friday, June 10, 2016
​Where:  Trappers Turn Golf Club, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Distinguished Lecture Series - Bryan R. McKeag

When:  Monday, April 11, 2016

Where:     Stzrelczyk Great Hall, Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

For Details:  See Flyer

Madison Area - CBA Alumni Event​
 Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Where:  The Craftsman Table and Tap

​Chicago Area - CBA Alumni Event
  Thursday, April 14, 2016
​Where:  Formento's

Milwaukee Area - CBA Alumni Event
  Thursday, November 12, 2015
Where:  Wicked Hop

Twin Cities Area - CBA Alumni Event
  Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Where:  Surly Brewing Co.  

The Greater UWL CBA Golf Challenge
:  Friday, June 5, 2015 
Where:  Trappers Turn Golf Club, Wisconsin Dells, WI
For details or to register: CBA Golf Challenge

Alumni Chicago - After Work Social
:  Thursday, March 26, 2015, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where:    The Bedford - 1612 West Division Street (at Ashland Avenue) - Chicago, IL 60622 

Alumni Milwaukee Area - After-Work Social
:  Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where:    ​Delafield Brewhaus - 3832 Hillside Drive - Delafield, WI 53018 

Alumni Twin Cities Area - After Work Social
  :  Wednesday, November 12, 2014, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where:    The Liffey - 175 7th St W - St. Paul, MN 55102    

Alumni Madison - After Work Social
  :  Wednesday, November 5, 2014, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where:    Old Sugar Distillery - 631 East Main Street - Madison, WI 

Distinguished Lecture Series - Dan Saftig
   :  Thursday, October 16, 2014 
Where:     Cameron Hall of Nations, Centennial Hall 
For details:   flyer

The Greater UWL CBA Golf Challenge
:  Friday, June 6, 2014 
Where:  Trappers Turn Golf Club, Wisconsin Dells, WI 
For more information see the  flyer 

Alumni Twin Cities Area - After-Work Social
:  Wednesday, February 19, 2014 
Where:   Kieran's Irish Pub  -  85 6th St. N.  -  Minneapolis, MN 55403 

 Alumni Chicago - After Work Social
   Thursday, March 27, 2014 
Where:   Richter Studios  -  1143 W. Rundell Place  -  Chicago, IL 60607 

 Alumni Milwaukee - After Work Social
:  Wednesday, March 26, 2014 
Where:  TGI Friday's in Miller Park  -  1 Brewers Way - Milwaukee, WI 

Past Events Archive


Silver Eagles Impact

59 Scholarships Awarded: Totaling $57,550 

Scholarships Recipients 2023-2024

Silver Eagles Scholarship Endowment Fund in the College of Business Administration - 2023-2024

Alissa St. Louis                     $1,000
Journey Malacina                 $1, 000
Zeina Battah                          $1,000

Marlin & Julie Helgeson Sliver Eagles CBA Scholarship - 2023-2024

Daniel Thiem                       $1,000

Silver Eagles Scholarship in Honor of Sara Olson 2023-2024

Amanda Marshall             $1, 000

Congratulations, Dean Brooks

The Silver Eagles would like to congratulate Dr. TJ Brooks on becoming the 8th Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The Silver Eagles look forward to working with Dean Brooks to augment the education of the students in the CBA. Please join us in welcoming Dean Brooks.

Joe Chilsen ‘87
President, The Silver Eagles

What UWL students are saying:

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