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As a part of the College of Business Administration’s 25th Anniversary celebration, the Silver Eagles Alumni Organization was created in 1996. The Silver Eagles uphold a tradition of duty to the College of Business Administration and service to the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.

The organization provides scholarships along with various networking opportunities to the College of Business Administration students as they prepare for their career in business.

As President of the Silver Eagles let me be the first to welcome you to our website. The Silver Eagles are an alumni group from UW-La Crosse’s College of Business Administration. We include two groups, one that are alumni from at least 25 years ago (Silver Eagles) and one that are alumni that have graduated more recently (Associate Eagles). If you ask any of the members, you will most likely hear of the special place UWL and the CBA hold in their hearts. A special place that you may have in your heart also.

When the Silver Eagles were established in 1996 it was with the mission of assisting the CBA, and more specifically, the students of that College in becoming as well prepared as possible as they entered their professional careers. We all hoped to give students our attention and experiences to further their education from a source not necessarily available to them via the classroom. This brought about conversations, internships, and employment opportunities that were beneficial to both the students and Silver Eagles, giving benefit to many Silver Eagles and their organizations.

For 25 years our organization has been a great way for alumni to make connections and for Silver Eagles to find great talent as we give back to our alma mater. I find that as I age my focus become laser sharp on a lone point: What have I done to help others? And, has my life been worthwhile? I have determined that the Silver Eagles are going to be a large part of how I will impact my world and leave my mark on history. I encourage you to come with me on this (ad)venture by joining us in the Silver Eagles. It’s easy! You are already here on the website click on the join button and make your mark on history, I assure you that the benefits will be tremendous.

Best Regards,
Joe Chilsen ‘87
UWL Silver Eagles

P.S. An added benefit is that this year we will be celebrating our 25th year as part of the CBA’s celebration of 50 years.

September 22, 2022

N.B.    This letter shall serve as both the President’s 3rd Quarter Correspondence and the Call to the Annual Meeting at 10 a.m. on October 22, 2022 in the Allen Conference Room at the Cleary Alumni and Friends Center. (No parking charges compliments of the Alumni Association).  Attending the meeting via ZOOM will be available and instructions may be found on the website on the day of the meeting.

Fellow Silver Eagles:

I trust this Q3 letter finds you well after a (hopefully) relaxing summer.  The Silver Eagles have been extremely busy over the last year reflecting on the past 25 years and positioning itself for the next quarter century.  Many meetings later, the Board of Director’s believes that they have set out strategies that will re-energize The Silver Eagles and build flexibility into the organization that better reflects the nature and the needs of the organization as it moves forward. 

The high points of the suggested modifications are as follows:

  1. Make membership universal by modifying layers of membership and making all members equal with all other members. The member designations of Charter and Honorary members will become a simply denotation on the roll list. Additionally 2/3 of the Board of Director’s must be CBA alumni.
  1. The stated purpose of The Silver Eagles will be: Supporting students, faculty, the overall CBA program, panels/speakers with resources to accomplish CBA goals.  Additionally, support mentorships, networking opportunities, partnerships, and scholarships.
  1. The new Mission Statement: To serve, support, and advance the goals of students, faculty, and alumni of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse College of Business Administration.
  1. Eliminating membership fees.
  1. The executive committee make-up for one year shall consist of: The President, the Vice President, Past President, Secretary/Treasurer, The Dean and all committee chairs.  After one year the Executive Committee will consist of The President, the Vice-President, Past President, The Secretary, The Treasurer, and The Dean.   
  1. Combining the bylaws and the nominations committees into a single committee known as a “Governance Committee.”
  1. Separating the Secretary/Treasurer’s Office into two positions.
  1. Maintaining The Silver Eagle name for the organization.

Actions taken up by the Board of Directors at the September 8, 2022 meeting from recommendations brought forward from the strategic planning event are as follows:

  1. A slate of new officers and continuing Board members was approved as follows:
  • President - Joe Chilsen, who was elected to a 2 year term with the intent of serving one year and Mandi Hinrich fulfilling the second year of the term and Joe serving as advisor to the president.
  • Vice-President – Joanna Binsfield was elected to a two year term.
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Dan Braund will continue to serve until 2023.
  • Continuing Board member – Greg Curti for another 3-year term.
  1. New Director Nominees (for 3-year terms) were moved forward to the Annual Meeting:
  • Mary Hericks
  • David Ring
  • Susan Pham
  • Jennifer Walkowiak
  1. The membership changes noted in item # 1 above were approved with the appropriate bylaw changes.
  1. Item #8 above was approved.

The remaining items were moved forward for approval at the Annual Meeting.              

I truly believe that the Board has positioned The Silver Eagles for success for the future and that the CBA will be well-supported because of these actions.  Please join me in re-dedicating ourselves in our support of the CBA students, staff and alumni.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of those who have worked so hard to re-position and re-energize The Silver Eagles – your efforts will live on in the embodiment and the futures of our college and our alumni.


With Best Regards

Joe Chilsen, ’87, President

The Silver Eagles

Date: July 6, 2022

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning surveys were emailed to members who had a valid email address on file on July 6, 2022. Email provides us the opportunity to communicate with members in the most cost effective and efficient way possible, and in the case of the survey allows us to use software that will tabulate the results. If you did not receive a survey and you would like to participate in the survey, please reach out to one of the members of the Strategic Planning Committee. The survey will close on July 15, 2022.



E-mail Address

Joe Chilsen

Silver Eagle and Founder

Marlin Helgeson

Silver Eagle

Mandi Hinrichs

Associate Eagle

Jeff Jensen

Silver Eagle and Charter Member

Dean Brooks included in a La Crosse Tribune Article on March 24, 2022 that, “The first priority for the CBA, like every organization coming out of the pandemic, is to take a moment to pause, collect ourselves and renew our commitment to this organization, the students, the community and each other,” Brooks explains. “As we find our center, we can begin to reimagine how we will work, teach and learn in the future. And importantly, how we will prepare our students for the world of work they will soon enter.”

As part of the strategic planning process, the Committee will be seeking input from a number of Key Stakeholders including the Dean to identify his wants, needs, and vision for the CBA and how the Silver Eagles can best support the CBA now and in the future. The Committee welcomes your input and encourages you to share your thoughts by e-mailing any member of the Committee. Further, the Committee plans on updating the Membership as the strategic planning process progresses.  Please visit for updates.

 Contact Information Update Request

If you haven’t updated your contact information, please visit our website, click on “Update Your Info”, and fill out the “What's New with You” Form. Email provides us the opportunity to communicate with Members in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way possible.

Scholarship Recipients for 2022-2023

It is my privilege to announce the following scholarship recipients for the 2022-2023 academic years.

Silver Eagles Endowment Scholarships

Nicholas Litterer

Esbeidy Guevara

Ashley Butt

Helgeson Silver Eagles CBA Scholarship

Annika Zilisch

Scholarship to Honor Dean, Taggert J. Brooks, Ph.D.

Nicholas Litterer

Thank you for your past support with this increasingly important work of funding UWL CBA Student Scholarships. Your scholarship contributions help relieve some of the stress a student experiences about paying for college.  To illustrate this point, we have included letters from our scholarship recipients on our website.

The Silver Eagles Endowment Scholarship Fund accepts donations of all sizes. Honor someone special by making a donation in their name. For example, one of our members recently funded a one-time $1,000 Scholarship to honor our new Dean, Taggert J. Brooks, Ph.D. A memorial donation is a unique way to honor an extraordinary person who has positively impacted your life. Making a donation on behalf of someone is also a great gift idea. Please consider making a donation and take advantage of any education matching gift program that your company may offer to increase the value of your donation.

To contribute to our scholarship fund, please make your check payable to the Silver Eagles Endowment Scholarship Fund or contribute online. If you choose to make a contribution to the scholarship fund, thank you. We appreciate your generosity.

On behalf of the entire Silver Eagles Board, I would like to thank you in advance for your input and for all you do for our UWL CBA Students.

Best Regards,
Joe Chilsen ‘87
President UWL Silver Eagles


2023 Events Coming Soon.

THE SILVER EAGLES BYLAWS   (Amended 7/15/21)




Section 1:  The name of this organization shall be “THE SILVER EAGLES.”


Section 1

Membership shall consist of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse College of Business Administration baccalaureate and graduate alumni who have earned their degrees and show a desire to participate in the activities of this organization.  Additional membership shall consist of graduates of what was known as the Department of Economics and Business Administration during the years 1963-1970, who also show a desire to participate in the activities of this organization.  Additionally, all University of Wisconsin-La Crosse alumni who show a desire to participate in the activities of the organization are eligible to be Associate Eagles.

Section 2:  Membership categories shall be as follows:

ASSOCIATE EAGLE – A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse College of Business Administration program for less than 25 years, and all other University of Wisconsin-La Crosse alumni.

SILVER EAGLE – A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse College of Business Administration program of 25 or more years.

HONORARY EAGLE – awarded to administration, staff and faculty members of the College of Business Administration, and any individual affiliated with the organization nominated and approved by majority vote of the Board prior to the annual meeting.

CHARTER EAGLE – Silver Eagle members inducted in the charter year, 1996.

Section 3:  Dues

Associate Eagles - Associate Eagles may join Silver Eagles at the 25 year mark by paying the dues designated by the Board.  Associate Eagles who paid dues when joining the organization are grandfathered and automatically become Silver Eagles at the 25 year mark, and are not required to pay any additional dues at that time.

Silver Eagles – dues are life-time and paid when joining the organization at that level.  The fee structure can be changed by the authority of the Board of Directors.


Section 1:  Number of Board of Directors

There shall be at least ten, but not more than twenty-one, directors of which no more than seven (7) may be Associate Eagles.

Section 2:  Officers

There shall be four officers:  President, Past President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.  President, Past President and Vice President must be members at the Silver Eagle level of membership; Secretary/Treasurer may be an active Associate Eagle.

Section 3:  Duties of Officers

The president shall:

                Preside at all Board meetings and the annual meeting

                Preside at all executive committee meetings

                Consult with the Dean of the College of Business Administration

                Execute other responsibilities as determined within the bylaws

                Be an active member of the Silver Eagles and attend as many CBA sponsored events as possible

                Represent (or appoint a designee) the organization at UW-L Alumni Association meeting

The vice-president shall:

                Attend all Board meetings and executive committee meetings

                Preside at any meetings of the Silver Eagles in the absence of the president

                Execute other responsibilities as determined within the bylaws

                Be an active member of the Silver Eagles and attend as many CBA sponsored events as possible

                Act as the chairperson of the nominations committee

The past president shall:

                Attend all Board meetings

                Execute other responsibilities as determined within the bylaws

                Be an active member of the Silver Eagles

                Assist and advise the president of the Silver Eagles

The secretary/treasurer shall:

Attend and record the minutes of the annual meeting, all Board meetings, and executive    committee meetings

Prepare the treasurer’s report for all Board meetings, executive meetings and the annual meeting

Be an active member of the Silver Eagles


 Section 1:  Board of Directors Elections

  1. Organization membership, excluding honorary membership, shall constitute voter eligibility.
  2. Directors shall be elected to a three-year term by the membership at the annual meeting each year.  Directors may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms.  Former Directors may be elected to the Board after at least a one year absence.
  3. Nominations for elected directorships shall be made by a nominations committee.

Section 2:  Officer Elections

  1. The term of office for the president, vice president and secretary/treasurer and past president shall be two years.  Officers shall be elected from and by the Board of Directors.
  2. The president and vice president shall be elected on the even-numbered years.
  3. The secretary/treasurer shall be elected on the off-numbered years.
  4. Officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors prior to the annual meeting and assume office at the annual meeting.
  5. The officers and the dean shall constitute the executive committee, which may conduct business on behalf of the Board and organization.
  6. The dean shall appoint a faculty liaison.


 Section 1:  The elected directors of the organization shall constitute the Board of directors.

Section 2:  The Board shall be the governing body of the organization, and conduct any and all business as set out in the bylaws and any actions approved of those in attendance at an annual meeting.

Section 3:  All fees and charges shall be set by the Board pursuant to expenses incurred.

Section 4:  The dean, faculty liaison, and historian shall be ex-officio members of the Board.

Section 5:  The board shall have the power to establish committees deemed necessary for the success of the organization.  Chairs of all committees shall be named by the Board.

Section 6:  In the event that a Board member is unable to fulfill their term, the executive committee shall nominate a replacement, who must be confirmed by the Board.


 Section 1:  The organization shall hold an annual business meeting, and that meeting shall be held during homecoming (or other university designated alumni weekend).

Section 2:  More than fifty percent of the Board shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Board.

Section 3:  The Board shall meet at least twice (February and September) a year.

Section 4:  Notification of the annual meeting shall be communicated to the membership and new inductees at least one month prior to the annual meeting date.

Section 5:  The president shall retain the power to call additional meetings.


 Section 1:  Amendments to the bylaws may be made by a two-thirds majority vote of either the members present, at any annual meeting, or directors of a Board meeting.  If a change is being proposed, the organization shall provide notice of any meeting of the Board at which an amendment is to be approved.  The notice shall be in accordance with s.181.0822(3) of state statutes.  The notice must also state that the purpose, or one of the purposes, of the meeting is to consider a proposed amendment to the bylaws, and contain or be accompanied by a copy or summary of the amendment or state the general nature of the amendment.


Nominations:  This committee shall consist of the out-going Board members who are facing an expiring term, the vice-president, and the dean.

Bylaws:  This committee shall consist of a chairperson from the Board, and at least two additional members of the Board of directors.

Scholarship:  This committee shall consist of the dean (or the dean’s representative), the Board president, and three members of the Board of directors.

Marketing:  This committee, containing subcommittees in membership, recruitment, retention, website, shall consist of at least one Silver Eagle, two Associate Eagles, and a webmaster (does not have to be a member).

All committees (current and future) may have additional members beyond the requirements listed above.  Additional members may be any member of the Silver Eagles, or other individuals with an interest in furthering the mission of The Silver Eagles organization.

Silver Eagles Board of Directors

Joe Chilsen, '87, President
Marlin Helgeson, '78, Vice-President
Dan Braund, '72, Secretary/Treasurer
Joanna Binsfeld, '01
Joe Bucheger, '73
Amelia Dittman, '73, Historian
Greg Curti, '85
Steve Fleis, '74
Mandi Hinrichs, '03
Jon Holthaus, '12
Jeff Jensen, '70
Karla Stanek, '75
Dan Wettstein, '73

Taggert Brooks, Dean CBA
Amelia Dittman, Historian

University Contacts
Taggert Brooks Interim CBA Dean
Janie Morgan, '85 & '86 Executive Director, UWL Alumni Association
Keli Frigo, Assistant Director, UWL Alumni Association

Nominations Committee
Joanna Binsfeld
Taggert Brooks
Amelia Dittman
Greg Curti
Marlin Helgeson
Karla Stanek

Scholarship Committee
Joanna Binsfeld
Taggert Brooks, CBA Dean (or designated representative)
Joe Chilsen
Greg Curti
Steve Fleis

Marketing Committee
Joe Bucheger 
Joe Chilsen
Marlin Helgeson
Mandi Hinrichs
Jon Holthaus
Dan Wettstein, '73
Keli Frigo (Webmaster)

Bylaws Committee
Amelia Dittman
Greg Curti
Marlin Helgeson

We want you to be as updated as possible on what is happening with the CBA and Silver Eagles. Be sure to follow us on Facebook @UWLCBASilverEagles


Please join the Silver Eagles for our 2022 annual meeting on Saturday, October 22 at the Cleary Alumni & Friends Center. If you are unable to attend in person please join us on Zoom. HERE.

Below you will find our 2022 Annual Meeting Agenda:


Annual Meeting

Allen Conference Room

Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

October 22, 2022



I. Call to Order 10:00 am

II. Approval of the Minutes

III. Treasurer’s Report

IV. Dean’s Comments

V. Report from the President

VI. Strategic Planning Report

  • Approval of Strategic Planning Recommendations

VII. Report From Committees

  • Scholarship Committee
    • Ashley Butt - Silver Eagle Scholarship
    • Esbeidy Guevara – Silver Eagle Scholarship
    • Nicholas Litterer – Silver Eagle Scholarship
    • Annika Zillisch – Marlin and Julie Helgeson Scholarship
    • Nicholas Litterer – In honor of TJ by Marlin and Julie Helgeson
  • Marketing Committee
    • November Mixer
  • Nominations(Governance) Committee
  • Bylaws(Governance) Committee
    • Discussion and Approval of Bylaw Changes
  • Executive Committee

VIII. Election of New Board Members

  • Mary Hericks
  • Susan Pham
  • David Ring
  • Jennifer Walkowiak

IX. Discussion and Approval of Spring TAETB

  • Ad-Hoc Committee Establishment
  • February 22, 2022 (Ash Wednesday)

X. For the Good of the Order

XI. Adjournment

Milwaukee Area – CBA Alumni Event​
When:  Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Where:  Colliers International

CBA Golf Challenge

When:  Friday, June 10, 2016
​Where:  Trappers Turn Golf Club, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Distinguished Lecture Series - Bryan R. McKeag
When:  Monday, April 11, 2016
Where:     Stzrelczyk Great Hall, Cleary Alumni & Friends Center
For Details:  See Flyer

Madison Area - CBA Alumni Event​
 Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Where:  The Craftsman Table and Tap

​Chicago Area - CBA Alumni Event
  Thursday, April 14, 2016
​Where:  Formento's

Milwaukee Area - CBA Alumni Event
  Thursday, November 12, 2015
Where:  Wicked Hop

Twin Cities Area - CBA Alumni Event
  Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Where:  Surly Brewing Co.  

The Greater UWL CBA Golf Challenge
 :  Friday, June 5, 2015 
Where :  Trappers Turn Golf Club, Wisconsin Dells, WI
For details or to register: CBA Golf Challenge

Alumni Chicago - After Work Social
  :  Thursday, March 26, 2015, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where:    The Bedford - 1612 West Division Street (at Ashland Avenue) - Chicago, IL 60622 

Alumni Milwaukee Area - After Work Social
  :  Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where:    ​Delafield Brewhaus - 3832 Hillside Drive - Delafield, WI 53018 

Alumni Twin Cities Area - After Work Social
  :  Wednesday, November 12, 2014, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where:    The Liffey - 175 7th St W - St. Paul, MN 55102    

Alumni Madison - After Work Social
  :  Wednesday, November 5, 2014, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where:    Old Sugar Distillery - 631 East Main Street - Madison, WI 

Distinguished Lecture Series - Dan Saftig
   :  Thursday, October 16, 2014 
Where:     Cameron Hall of Nations, Centennial Hall 
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The Greater UWL CBA Golf Challenge
 :  Friday, June 6, 2014 
Where :  Trappers Turn Golf Club, Wisconsin Dells, WI 
For details see the  flyer 

Alumni Twin Cities Area - After Work Social
 :  Wednesday, February 19, 2014 
Where:   Kieran's Irish Pub  -  85 6th St. N.  -  Minneapolis, MN 55403 

 Alumni Chicago - After Work Social
   Thursday, March 27, 2014 
Where:   Richter Studios  -  1143 W. Rundell Place  -  Chicago, IL 60607 

 Alumni Milwaukee - After Work Social
 :  Wednesday, March 26, 2014 
Where :  TGI Friday's in Miller Park  -  1 Brewers Way - Milwaukee, WI 


Silver Eagles Impact

55 Scholarships Awarded Totaling $53,550 

Congratulations, Dean Brooks

The Silver Eagles would like to congratulate Dr. TJ Brooks on becoming the 8th Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The Silver Eagles look forward to working with Dean Brooks to augment the education of the students in the CBA. Please join us in welcoming Dean Brooks.

Joe Chilsen ‘87
President, The Silver Eagles

2022 Take an Eagle to Breakfast Speaker - Joanna Binsfeld, '01

Joanna Binsfeld TAEB Speaker

Joanna Binsfeld was the first Silver Eagles scholarship recipient. Joanna has a Bachelor's in Business Administration - International Management from UW-La Crosse (2001) and Masters of Arts degree in Higher Education/International Affairs from Ohio University (2004). She worked 12 years at the University of Wisconsin Law School in various departments mostly within the student affairs and curriculum planning context. She also served as an Adjunct Instructor teaching Cultural Studies during that time frame.

In 2018, she made a career change and moved into the K-12 environment. She received her Masters of Science Degree in Teaching and Learning from Concordia University. Along with this Master's Degree, she received her Business Education Teaching License. She is now a Licensed Business Education Teacher teaching in Columbus, WI where she lives with her husband and two children.

Joanna comes from a long-line of proud UWL alumni. Her father, sister and two brothers all graduated from UWL. Currently, her niece and nephew are attending UW-La Crosse. The Silver Eagles was a major influence on her during her time at UW-La Crosse and since graduating.

What UWL students are saying:

LinkedIn screenshot of post with students