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Ellen photo


Class of 2016 - $25,625

"Talk yourself up because you are fantastic in some way. You really just need to find what’s unique about you."

Justin photo


Class of 2016 - $18,690

"Work hard. It’s not like they give scholarships out to everyone, so you really have to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. That’s through your GPA and your school work. That’s through working jobs throughout summer. Just put the time in and it will pay off."

Laikyn photo


Class of 2018 - $2,500

"Always set out to look for them and be honest in them. I think people that give scholarships are always looking for that honesty in a student and that determination to be as best we can. So I would say to be determined for them and apply, because you never know if it could be you."

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