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The following measures are implemented in UWL residence halls during Oktoberfest:

  • All residence hall doors are locked 24/7.
  • Side and back doors will not be accessible by Student IDs during Oktoberfest (7 a.m. Thursday through 7 a.m. Monday). To gain access to your residence hall, students need to use the front door.
  • Students are expected to show their UWL Student ID when entering the residence hall. 
  • Only UWL Students are allowed in the residence halls during Oktoberfest Thursday - Sunday. No guests will be permitted to enter or stay in the residence halls. No exceptions.
  • Those hosting a non-UWL student guest will be held accountable through our conduct process. Other UW System students in our residence halls will be held accountable on their respective campuses.

2023-24 Housing Application
The 2023-24 housing application is available to students who have been admitted for fall 2023 semester. Visit our Apply for Housing page for more information.

Submit a Residence Life work order
Residents can easily report their own maintenance requests in the residence halls. Go to this UWL iServiceDesk web page and select "Submit a Res Life Request" in the maroon column. For more information, follow these instructions for submitting a work request.