What are the costs associated with living on campus? expanding section

Please review our Room rates and styles.

Every on-campus resident is required to purchase a meal plan. If you wish to park on campus, parking permits can be purchased for an additional cost.

What are the dimensions of the rooms in the residence halls? expanding section

If you are trying to figure out if a futon and TV will fit in your room, you can find floor plans under the "Hall photos" and detailed room dimensions in the "Hall amenities" section on each residence hall page.

Are bed lofts allowed in the residence halls? expanding section

Bed lofts are provided for no additional cost. Home made lofts are not allowed in the residence halls.

How can I mail packages to my student living in the residence halls? expanding section

The mailing address for each residence hall can be found on your student’s residence hall web page.

What is the move-in process for our student? expanding section

Specific information regarding move-in procedures and dates can be found in the Guide for moving-in and moving-out.

Based on my gender identity, is university housing for me? expanding section

We understand that when your gender identity/expression is not readily reflected when giving a preference for where you would like to live, it is difficult to determine what would be optimal for you. Residence Life staff are committed to assisting you to determine how our program can work for you. Please visit the Gender Inclusive Housing webpage. Feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life to discuss options.

What if I bring a TV to my residence hall room? expanding section

Cable is provided in common areas throughout each residence hall. Students are allowed to stream entertainment services via the campus internet connection.

Do the rooms have carpet? expanding section

Most residence halls are not carpeted (exceptions below). Students are welcome to bring a carpet or area rug for their rooms but cannot affix the carpet to the tile with tape or glue. Common sizes for carpet are 8’ x 10’ and 8’ x 12’.

Eagle, Laux and Reuter Hall rooms are carpeted.

Quad rooms in Angell, Coate, Sanford, Wentz and O. White Halls are carpeted.

Can you loft all three beds in a traditional triple room? expanding section

Three person residence hall rooms do not have the space (height) to loft all three beds. Two beds will come in a bunk-bed formation, while the third bed will have parts for lofting. If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life.

Can I bring my own refrigerator? expanding section

In Reuter Hall, each apartment kitchen has a full-sized refrigerator. All other residence hall rooms have a 3.5 cubic foot refrigerator provided by Residence Life. Students may bring an additional refrigerator, but only one additional personal refrigerator (3.5 cubic feet) is allowed per bedroom. There is no charge for having an additional refrigerator.

What size futon can I bring? expanding section

To fit a futon underneath your lofted bed frame, futons should be no longer than 79" in length.

Be aware futon hardware often damages the bed stabilizing bars used to loft the beds. We encourage you to take measures to safe-guard this on the futon.

What size bed linens do I need? expanding section

The twin mattresses are 80" long. We recommend you purchase Extra-long twin bedding.

When are doors locked? expanding section

All outside entrance doors are locked at all times (lobby, side and back doors). Students have access to their residence hall via their Student ID/University identification card. Students living in the residence halls are required to have their Student ID on them at all times. Contact the Campus Card Office (608.785.8891) immediately if you lose your student identification card.

What if I do not want the furniture provided in my room? expanding section

All University provided furniture must be stored and present in your residence hall room.

Are the residence halls air conditioned? expanding section

Two of our residence halls, Eagle and Reuter, have air conditioning.

Will I be in extended housing based on when I signed my housing contract? expanding section

Assignments are prioritized based on completed contract and application dates.

What happens if I change my hall preferences? Will that affect my priority in being placed? expanding section

You can change hall preferences, update your roommate profile, or review available roommates by returning to the housing portal. This will not affect your original completed contract and application date.  After your room assignment has been completed you will need to contact the Office of Residence Life directly to request a change. 

How do I go about exploring off-campus housing? expanding section

Residence Life strives to provide (primarily) first year students the foundation for living in community and successfully engaging in their academic and social development. As students explore housing options within the greater La Crosse community, we want to ensure they have all the resources they need to make informed decisions that will meet their unique needs. 

As such, we have officially partnered with College Pads to provide an off-campus housing marketplace for UWL students. The site includes renter education video modules to help students successfully navigate the transition to off-campus life, and become better educated on the local rental processes. 

Off campus housing link

*Reminder-- all first year students are required to live on campus during their first year at UWL. For further details about this, please read the housing contract terms and conditions.

**Students who sign a contract to return to housing after their first year should pay close attention to the cancellation deadline that is noted in their housing contract terms and conditions. Signing a housing contract is a legally binding agreement.