Welcome to Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to be a major support function of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. This site is designed to be a convenient and thorough source of information for current and prospective UW-La Crosse employees. The information provided on these pages describes basic policies, procedures, benefits and services provided to all faculty and staff at UW-La Crosse. You are invited to learn more about the mission of the Office of Human Resources.

Talent Acquisition expanding section

Talent Acquisition at UW-La Crosse involves the management of our candidate experience, appointment process, and on-boarding experience. 

Time and Labor Management expanding section

Time and Labor Management refers to the policies and procedures to ensure appropriate applicability of time and absence reporting, analysis reporting on resource allocations, and the technology to help track all stipulated requirements.

Payroll & Benefits expanding section

Payroll & Benefits are broadly defined as all systems to ensure processing of payroll, compensation, and benefits afforded to UW-La Crosse employees.

Time and Attendance

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Working with administrators, Talent Management is the systems established to ensure performance requirements are met.

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HR Management is the reports and analytics that help ensure campus leaders have real-time information to make decisions. Under this banner, the Office of Human Resources reports to campus leaders, key performance indicators to ensure that processes and procedures are continuously improved to meet operational efficiency standards.