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A page within Records and Registration

To find courses offered in an upcoming term,
click on the Schedule of Classes:

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Before registering:

  • Registration is done online through the student's WINGS Student Center, except for:
    • Audit students: Audit students should bring in their overrides (written permission from the instructor) to Records and Registration.
    • Extended Learning programs, study abroad programs/courses, and some graduate programs: Check with Extended Learning or your graduate program director for directions on how to register.
  • Directions on how to register are on the WINGS Help page.
  • Students must be admitted to UWL before they can register for any course(s). 
    • Applications normally take 2-4 days to process.
    • New to UWL? Complete the online application.
    • Continuing UWL students who have not enrolled at UWL for a semester or more (or who withdrew in the middle of a semester) MUST re-apply in order to register for courses. Submit an online application.
      • Past holds on an account may delay processing time.
      • The application fee does not have to be paid again. (If you kept your login username and password from your first application, you can reuse that information.)
  • Fees and bills:
    • Past bills totaling $500 or higher must be paid before registering.
    • All undergraduate and graduate students are assessed a non-refundable registration fee each semester they register for one or more courses, whether or not the student drops the course(s) before the semester starts. The fee appears on your bill and can be paid online.
    • New incoming students (including transfers) are required to pay a one-time non-refundable tuition deposit before registering for classes for Summer, Fall, or Spring. If this fee is not paid, your registration cannot be processed. The fee will be applied to your tuition. The deposit may be sent to the Cashier's Office, or you can pay online using WINGS Student Center. Winter Intersession does not require a deposit.
    • 200-level and higher courses in the College of Business Administration (ACC, BLAW, BUS, ECO, FIN, IB, IS, MGT, MKT) may include a differential fee per credit starting Summer 2023. This fee is pending approval from the UW System Board of Regents and is estimated to be $13.50 per credit.
  • Schedule of classes for upcoming terms are released several weeks before registration begins. The start date of registration can be found in the Dates and Deadlines.

  • Students are encouraged to register for classes as soon as they are able. Many classes fill up fast. Also, UWL reserves the right to cancel courses due to low enrollment, no later than one week prior to the start of each session. For summer session, UWL cancels classes that have not met a minimum enrollment number two weeks prior to the first day of summer session. Check your campus email for cancellation notices.

  • Transfer credit: If you would like to send transcripts to UWL for review of possible transfer credits, please contact the prior college institution(s) that you attended. That institution(s) must send an official copy of your transcript directly to the UW-La Crosse Admissions Office. More information about transferring to UW-La Crosse can be found in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

Additional registration information:

Undergraduate degree-seeking students enrolled in the current semester

UWL is committed to providing equitable access to class registration. Students with the most credits earned are assigned the earliest enrollment appointments (i.e., Senior, Junior, etc.). In-progress credits are not included in the calculation of earned credits, with the exception of first year students who have not other credit. College credits earned at other institutions, including college credit earned in high school from programs such as concurrent enrollment, Advanced Placement, ECCP, etc., are included in the calculation of earned credits as long as the credit is accepted by UWL and entered on the student's UWL transcript (a final, official transcript from the prior institution needs to be on record).

Student Classifications:

  • Seniors: 90 credits and higher
  • Juniors: 60-89 credits; 
  • Sophomores: 30-59 credits
  • First Year: 0-29 credits; if no prior credits have been earned & transferred in, a first year in their second semester is assigned an appointment based on currently enrolled credits.

See Important Dates and Deadlines for when registration begins and refer to your WINGS Student Center for your assigned time.

Additional priorities in registration*

*Note: These students represent less than 8% of all undergraduate students.

First Day Priority

These students are granted First Day Priority Registration regardless of number of credits earned.

  • International Exchange J1 Visa Students
  • ACCESS Center students recommended for First Day Priority 
  • Graduate Students in Degree-Seeking Programs
  • Second Degree Students (students with a completed bachelor’s degree pursuing a second degree)

Head of Class Priority

These students are granted Head of Class Priority Registration which is priority for enrollment prior to other students in the same credit category – see Student Classifications above.

  • ACCESS Center students recommended for Head of Class Priority
  • Student athletes participating in an official NCAA sport in the next semester 
  • Military Service Members
  • Vanguards (Admissions tour guides)
First semester first years

New incoming, first semester first years meet with an advisor and sign up for classes during START registration, which is typically scheduled in June for students entering in the fall term. For students entering in Spring, the START registration day is in December. The Admissions Office will send more information directly to students.

Second semester first years are assigned an registration appointment in the same way as the rest of the student body. See the "Undergraduate Degree-Seeking Students" section above.

Transfer and re-entry students

Students must be admitted before they can register. Once admitted, students may register online via the WINGS Student Center according to the registration schedule and instructions. The Admissions office will send more information directly to students. Any past bills must be paid before registering.

Registration appointments for transfer and re-entry students are only assigned after the student has been admitted. The start day and time of the appointment is determined by number of credits earned. In-progress credits are not included in the assignment. Students should send the transcripts with their final grades to UWL before registration so that all credits can be included when determining the appointment time.

See Important Dates and Deadlines for when registration begins and refer to your WINGS Student Center for your assigned time.

Military service students

The State of Wisconsin grants priority registration for students who have served or are serving on active duty under honorable conditions in the United States armed forces, including Reservists and members of the National Guard. Please bring a copy of your DD-214, Notice of Basic Eligibility or Active Duty Identification Card to 116 Graff Main Hall. 

At UW-La Crosse, priority registration allows military members to register at the beginning of their class level (i.e. sophomore, junior). See Important Dates and Deadlines for when registration begins and refer to your WINGS Student Center for your assigned time. Any past bills must be paid before registering.

Graduate degree-seeking students

Graduate students should see their graduate program director about what courses to register in. Graduate students who were NOT enrolled in the prior term must apply for re-entry admission before they can register. If a graduate student interrupts their enrollment for one semester or longer (excluding summer) while in good academic standing, re-entry status may be granted with approval from the program director. Applications should be made as early as possible, no later than one month prior to the beginning of the planned term of re-enrollment. Applications will be accepted until enrollment limits have been reached.

See Important Dates and Deadlines for when registration starts. Any past bills must be paid before registering.

Graduate students currently in a program

Depending on which program you are in, you either will complete the registration form and leave it with your program director or you will be required to use the WINGS Student Center to register. Any past bills must be paid before registering.

Please note: Newly admitted students in Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT) or Physician Assistant (PA) Graduate Programs are required to pay a one time $250 enrollment deposit prior to being able to register. This fee is applied toward tuition.

Graduate special non-degree students

Graduate special non-degree students register using the WINGS Student Center. See Important Dates and Deadlines for the date special students can begin to register.

Those enrolling to meet DPI requirements (i.e. teachers) should direct questions to the Teacher Certification Office, 260 Morris Hall, 608.785.8127, before registering.

Other graduate non‑degree students who need advising should contact one of the following offices for referral: 

  • College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities Dean's Office: 137 Wimberly; 608.785.8113 
  • College of Science and Health Dean's office: 105 Graff Main Hall; 608.785.6970
Second-degree students

Students who have earned a baccalaureate degree from UW-La Crosse or any other regionally accredited institution and wish to earn another undergraduate degree are considered "second-degree students." Students who have never attended UWL should submit the online application and pay the application fee. Former UWL students who have previously paid the application fee must also apply online but do not have to pay the application fee.

Students must be admitted before they can register. Admitted second-degree students register using their WINGS Student Center. See Important Dates and Deadlines for when registration begins and refer to your WINGS Student Center for your assigned time. Any past bills must be paid before registering.

Note: Seeking a second-degree is different than seeking an additional major or minor. An additional major can be earned without fulfilling the requirements for a second degree. Thus, students do not have to be degree-seeking to obtain an additional major or minor, but they are required to be degree-seeking to earn another degree. Contact Records and Registration if you are not sure of your status.

Extended Learning students

Students enrolling in Extended Learning courses (courses with 700 section numbers) may register using the WINGS Student Center if they were enrolled in a course in the prior semester. Students who have never been enrolled at UWL, or who have not been enrolled for more than a semester need to contact Extended Learning at 608.785.6500 to obtain an application form. Any past bills must be paid before registering.

Students may register for Extended Learning courses until one day before the start of each class. Please note that decisions about whether the class will be held or not based on the enrollment are usually made one week before the start date. 

Collaborative program students

Students enrolling in a UW collaborative program course must obtain a permission number for each class from UW Extended Campus before they can register. UW Extended Campus can be contacted at 877.895.3276 or Once the student has the permission number(s) and registration has started at UWL, they may register using the WINGS Student Center. Directions on how to register can be found on the WINGS Help page.

UWL participates in the following UW collaborative programs:

  • Undergraduate:
    • Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management & Technology (HIMT)
    • Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management (HWM)
  • Graduate:
    • Master of Science in Cybersecurity (CYB)
    • Master of Science in Data Science (DS)
    • Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (HCA)
    • Master of Science in Information Technology Management (ITM)
Special non-degree seeking students (both undergraduate-level and graduate)

Students who are not seeking to earn a degree (i.e. taking a class to transfer back to another school; auditing only; taking a single class for personal interest) are considered "special non-degree students." Special non-degree students must apply online and be admitted before they can register.

Special non-degree students are assigned an appointment to start registering after the degree-seeking students have registered. See Important Dates and Deadlines for the date special students can begin to register.

Special non‑degree students register using the WINGS Student Center. Registration instructions are sent to admitted special non-degree students as the scheduled enrollment date for each term approaches. Any past bills must be paid before registering.