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CIM Help - Courses

A page within Records and Registration

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Guides from the curriculum committees:

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Special course types

General Education Courses

Both UCC and the General Education Committee reviews all curriculum changes to courses in the General Education Program, including new courses being added, courses being deleted, and any type of change to a current course in the program. The general education portion of the CIM Course Form will need to be completed for all general education courses, even if nothing in that section is being changed.

To get started: Log into through the Course Form link above. For brand new Gen Ed courses, click on "Propose New Course." For existing courses, find the course using the search function and click on "Edit Course" below the search results box. When completing the form, make sure "yes" is checked for the question "General Education?"


Helpful links

Umbrella Courses & Subtopics

An umbrella course is a generic course that allows departments to test out specific topics. If there is enough interest, these test topics are expected to become independent courses with their own number. A test topic can be offered an unlimited number of times within three years or three times total. After that period, in order to offer the topic again, the department must create the topic as a regular free-standing course. An Umbrella Topic Form should be in workflow before the topic is scheduled, so please contact your ADA about scheduling deadlines. The department should resubmit the form every time a test topic is offered, so that the Records and Registration office can keep track of how many times its been offered. 

Umbrella Course Policy

The approval process for umbrella test topics is department chair, dean's office, and the Registrar. The Records office works with the department to ensure the approved topic appears on the students’ transcripts and in the schedule. Test topics do not get published in the catalog.

If Adding a New Umbrella Topic:

  • Login using the Umbrella Topic Form link above. 
  • Click on Propose New Umbrella Topic. Select the parent umbrella course number (i.e. RGS 330) in the Course Code popup.
  • Click on Propose New Umbrella Topic
  • Complete the form & submit to workflow when ready
  • Creating a new or re-using an existing topic

If Re-Using an Umbrella Topic:

  • Login using the Umbrella Topic Form link above. 
  • Search for all topics under the parent course's number using an asterisk (*) at the end (i.e. RGS 330*)
  • Scroll through the previously offered topics displayed to find the topic
  • Select topic and hit green Edit Request
  • Complete the form & submit to workflow when ready
  • Creating a new or re-using an existing topic

If Creating a New Umbrella "Parent" Course:

  • Login using the Course Form link above.
  • Select the green Propose New Course
  • Be sure to select "Yes" for "is this an umbrella course?"
  • Complete the form & submit to workflow when ready
  • A new "parent" course or change to a parent course requires approval from UCC/GCC.

Creating a new topic from the Course Form (instead of the Umbrella Form)

  • Login using the Course Form link above.
  • Search for the parent course's course number (e.g. RGS 330) and select course.
  • Click on Add New Topic.
  • Complete the form & submit to workflow when ready

Note: Existing topics and proposed topics saved once must be edited through the Umbrella Topic Form above. They cannot be updated through the regular Course Form.

Umbrella topics are different from topics for a course offered on a regular basis (such as current events courses). The topics for this latter type of course do not become separate courses and can be offered an indefinite number of times. Contact your college's Scheduling Coordinator if a new topic is to be scheduled for a normal non-umbrella course.

Additional tips

Additional materials: UWL's curriculum policies can be found on the first two tabs of the Curriculum Change Process & Policies webpage.

Deadline to make the next meeting: Proposals must be at the Registrar's step in workflow (received dean's office approval) by the noon on Wednesday of the week before the UCC or GCC meeting. 

Saving a draft: To save without submitting to workflow,  select the "Save as DRAFT" button. To submit for approval, click "Save and Start Workflow." 

Stale proposals: Proposals not submitted into workflow or sitting at the same step in workflow after 6 months or more are subject to review. The Records office will verify with the department if the proposal is still moving forward. If the proposed change is no longer being worked on, please contact Records to shred the proposal.

Help bubbles: Blue help bubbles next to questions on the form have more information to help proposers complete the form. Some bubbles contain links to documents with longer explanations.

Questions? Want training?

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