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Faculty assessment of student learning is an important activity.  There are resources available to assist instructors with this work.  These are share below with additional information about assessment focused academic organizations, conferences, and publications also posted.  If there are any questions you have or additional needs please contact  Dr. Patrick Barlow, University Assessment Coordinator.  

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Campus Committees and Support for Assessment

Multiple campus committees and resources are involved in assessment at UW-La Crosse.  These groups are identified below along with links for additional information. 

University Program Assessment Committee (UPAC)

The UPAC is charged with review of program level assessment work for academic departments primarily within the Colleges of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities as well as Science & Health.  See the Faculty Senate webpage for additional information. 

Assurance of Learning Committee (CBA)

The AOLC is charged with review of assessment within the College of Business Administration.  See this Committee webpage for additional information. 

General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC)

The GEAC is charged with coordinating the assessment of the general education program under the policies approved by the General Education Committee.   See this Faculty Senate page for more information. 

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Assessment Activity  Helpful Resources

Writing Meaningful Learning Outcomes

Guide to Writing SLOs from Kansas State Website 

Writing Learning Outcomes (Objectives) from Carnegie Mellon University Eberly Teaching Center

Two Page Guide on Writing SLOs from US Naval Academy

CATL presentation on Writing Measureable Objectives

Understanding my Curriculum through Maps/Matrices

Curriculum Mapping & Design - Carleton University

Southern Conn. State University Resources

(Overview, Rationale, Steps, Glossary)

Examples of Curriculum Maps  (Simple - Viterbo Univ.)   (Complex - Southern Conn. State Univ.)

Narrated Video on Maps from University of Kentucky

Presentation on Maps - Murray State Univ. 

Selecting Measures of Learning/Assessment Methods

Choosing Assessment Measures - Univ. of Hawaii- Manoa

Advice on Selection of Assessment Measures -Loyola Marymount Univ.

Handout on Direct and Indirect Assessment Tools

Narrated Video on Methods from California State- Long Beach

Setting Benchmarks or Performance Targets

Setting Performance Targets - Gallaudet University

Presentation - U.S. Naval Academy 

Why set targets for assessment results blog- Linda Suskie

Using Results to Plan Actions to Improve Learning

Using Assessment Results for Program Improvement -California Polytechnic Statue University 

Univ. Northern Iowa -On Using Assessment Information Guide 

NILOA Monograph on Using Assessment Results

Narrated Video on Using Results - Murray State Univ.

UWL Assessment Commons Terminology Guide

Common Grounds Assessment Terminology Guide


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