Assurance of Learning and Curriculum Management

Image of text - 2013 C H E A Award for Outstanding Institutional Practice in Student Learning OutcomesThe College of Business Administration maintains an active Assurance of Learning Program to ensure both the undergraduate and graduate programs are evaluated on a frequent and consistent basis to foster successful student learning and to improve the academic experience of our students. Assessment activity and the curricular improvements guided by these efforts are characterized by high levels of faculty participation. Assurance of Learning supports the AACSB accreditation principles of accountability and continuous improvement .

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Assurance of Learning Annual Reports

  • CBA faculty and staff can find AOL annual reports and other resources in the Canvas course, CBA AOL Reports and Resources
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Charge Letter 2020-21     Charge Letter 2019-20     Charge Letter 2018-19     Charge Letter 2017-2018

Task Force Chair:
     Ken Graham, Marketing Department

Assurance of Learning Coordinator:
     Laurie Miller, Economics Department

     Danny Franklin, Management Department
     Ye Han, Information Systems
     Kim Lyons, Accounting Department 
     Shishir Paudel, Finance Department

Administrative Consultants:
     Taggert Brooks, CBA Dean Interim Dean
     Gwen Achenreiner, CBA Interim Associate Dean

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Charge Letter 2020-2021     Charge Letter 2019-2020    Charge Letter 2018_2019           

Committe Chair:

     Maggie McDermott, Marketing


     Uzay Damali, Management
     Adam Hoffer, Economics
     Nic Huang, Information Systems
     Justin Kilchenmann, Accountancy
     Shing Liu, Finance
     Mary Hamman, Economics