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Perry Lowe: Announces endowed Marketing scholarship

Perry Lowe; UWL Alumnus, CEO and President of Six Month Smiles, clearly knows how to make people smile in a variety of ways.  Because of his generosity we were able to announce an endowed Marketing scholarship to support Marketing majors traveling abroad, and it will be named after Marketing Professor, Dr. Steve Brokaw.  This is the first endowed scholarship for marketing and the 1st endowed by a single individual in the College named after a beloved professor.  

Dr. Brokaw, who was uncharacteristically speechless, did point out that usually when we these types of wonderful things happened; the professor was deceased, but that he was pleased to be alive to see it.  As are we!  

Please visit Beating the Odds: Learning from Failures and Successes to watch Mr. Lowe’s recent presentation as well as the Scholarship presentation.

Profound gratitude is expressed to Alumnus Perry Lowe for his generosity, to CBA Development Officer Jeff Meyer for acting as outreach for CBA, to CBA Alumnus Dennis Vogel, Citizen’s State Bank President & CEO, sponsor of  the Citizens State Bank 1st Friday Executive Lecture Series that allowed us a wonderful platform complete with students, faculty, and the business community to announce this wonderful gift and finally to Dr. Brokaw for having meant so much to a student to inspire this act of generosity. 

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