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College of Business Administration (CBA)

Board of Advisors

Bob Allen
Retired-Senior Vice President/Investments, 
Branch Manager
Bob Allen

Tanner Holst
Board President
Regional Chair: Administration
Mayo Clinic

Tanner Holst
Bill Drazkowski
Executive Vice President: Sales
Bill Drazkowski Jeff Kessler
Practice Executive
Allergy Associates
of La Crosse, Ltd.
Jeff Kessler
Ron Gillies
Sr. Vice President: Americas & Asia Sales and Global Service
Ron Gillies Martin Kolar
Infotech Consulting Group
Martin Kolar
Eric Guth
General Manager/
Financial Advisor
Futurity First Insurance Group
Eric Guth Corey R. Mensink
EVP – Director of Commercial Lending
Sunrise Banks
Corey R. Mensink
Karla Helke
Controller: OptumServe
Logistics Health Incorporated
Karla Helke Mike Skroch
VP of Operations
La Crosse Sign Group
Mike Skroch

Laura Miller
Chief Financial Officer at
Pampered Chef

Laura Miller Kevin Spellman
David O. Nicholas Director of Investment Management, Senior Lecturer
Kevin Spellman

Megan Harcey
Director of Human
Resources at
Kwik Trip Inc.

Megan Harcey