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The Academic Advising Center & Career Services Offices strives to best serve all who utilize our services. Due to COVID-19, our office will not be conducting in person appointments anymore as of March 18, 2020. Instead we will be offering virtual appointments via phone call, email, or video chat Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Please note that due to the constantly evolving circumstances, it may take longer than normal to hear back, and we will be updating our website as things progress. 

Virtual Drop-In Peer Advising

If you have a quick academic or career advising question, our Peer Advisors are available to chat with you without an appointment Monday-Thursday from 10am-4pm & 6pm-8pm or Friday from 10am-2pm.

  1. Use your UWL credentials to login to Microsoft Teams
  2. Type into the search bar at the top of the page and hit Enter
  3. Use the chat box at the bottom of the page to type your question

Making Academic Advising Appointments

If you are assigned in our office, you can make your appointment online through Navigate, email your advisor, or email

If you are not assigned an Academic Advisor in our office, you can make an appointment by emailing

Making Career Advising Appointments

To make an appointment for career advising, you can do so online through Navigate or by emailing

Our access to our main department line is limited to listening to voicemail messages, and as such, we request that if possible you email either or in order to receive a more prompt response.


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UWL program
Connecting with UWL expanding section

Employers – Please contact Rebecca Lee,, to have your name added to the invitation list for future career events.



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 Before you are able to post positions at UWL, you must first create an account on Handshake. Here is a guide for creating an employer account.

Once your account is created, you can begin to connect with universities and post positions. To learn more about posting positions, click here.

  • UWL Campus Employers: PLEASE follow the format “UW-La Crosse “Office Name” when creating an account.

What is Handshake? 

Handshake is an online career management system that allows employers to connect with hundreds of other campuses around the country in addition to UW-La Crosse.

Benefits of Using Handshake

  • Free for employers
  • All UWL students have access
    • Allows them to search for part-time, internship, and full-time positions
  • Nearly 75% of career services offices across the country use Handshake
  • Ability to post one job to multiple campuses in one system with one login and password
Career events at UWL expanding section

UW-La Crosse hosts an all-majors fair each semester for employers to recruit interns and permanent employees. There are also part-time job fairs each semester and other major-specific career events.

Spring 2020 Events

  • Spring Career Fair (followed by an interview day, Feb. 27)
    Student Union, The Bluffs, Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Summer and Part-Time Job Fair
    Student Union, The Bluffs, Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 

How to participate: Employer registration for all of our fairs is done through Handshake. Click on the appropriate fair through the buttons under “Upcoming Career Fairs.” After you have completed the form, it will be reviewed by an administrator. You should receive a confirmation within 1-2 days. Please contact Rebecca Lee,, for registration assistance or to have your name added to the invitation list for future career events.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will receive a confirmation email with event details, parking instructions and hotel/regional information from Handshake.  A reminder is also sent 1 week prior to the event.

Interviewing on campus expanding section

Employers may request an on-campus interview schedule through Handshake. Click on the “Request an Interview” button from the home page. You will be asked a number of questions to help us fulfill your request. After you have completed the form, it will be reviewed by an administrator and interview rooms/spaces will be assigned. There is no fee to conduct on-campus interviews through our office.

Interviews can be requested for weekdays throughout the academic year; however, we recommend avoiding days leading up to major holidays, during midterms or finals, and during spring break. You can find a list of those dates through the Academic Calendar.

Internship overview expanding section

Cooperative Education and Internship Program Overview for Employers

The UW-La Crosse Cooperative Education and Internship Program is one of the largest programs in the UW-System and features regional and national opportunities.

The popularity of the program is due to the flexibility for employers as well as students. Although some internships follow the timeline for academic semesters (fall, spring and summer), others are part-time, year round or for a specified time frame to complete a special project. Employers may request the timeline that best suits their needs and may specify their preference for certain majors. Employers who wish to discuss an idea for an internship may contact one of our Career Services staff members.

Employer Benefits

  • Identify potential new employees
  • Meet short term and special project needs
  • Support the university community and increase your company's visibility on campus
  • Reduce your recruitment and training costs through potential retention of interns

Steps for Establishing an Internship and Hiring an Intern

In order for an internship to be advertised to students, employers are required to post in Handshake. When posting internships in Handshake, they can select one of three ways to receive applications:

  1. Students can submit their resume through Handshake. This method gives employers the ability to view applicant resumes online or to receive the resumes of all applicants as a bundle that is emailed out following the expiration (deadline) date for the position. Employers can then review applicants and contact them directly to schedule interviews.
  2. Students can apply directly to the employer via the employer's own website, email, mail or other method specified by the employer. Employers can then contact applicants directly to schedule interviews.
  3. Employers can schedule on campus interviews and have students apply and schedule interviews through Handshake. Employers interested in on campus interviews should contact Rebecca Lee in Career Services at 608.785.8362 for additional information.

Students who accept an internship may have the option to receive academic credit for the experience. If a student chooses to receive credit for an internship. the employer will be required to complete an employer evaluation at the mid-term and at the end of the semester.

Recruiting Timeline

Internships can be posted at any time throughout the year. However, the largest pool of candidates will be available prior to the start each academic term (preferable 1 semester prior to start date). We encourage you to post your internship as early as possible.

Intern Compensation

The UWL Cooperative Education and Internship Program works with employers who offer both paid and unpaid internships. However, in some high demand fields, employers will find it necessary to offer paid positions in order to attract candidates. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division has re-examined the criteria for unpaid internships. Employers should consider the following criteria when considering unpaid internships.

Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division Criteria for an Unpaid Internship*.

*The National Association of Colleges and Employers recommends the following standard definition of "internship":

An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths; and give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.

Internship program how-to - Talent Generator expanding section

Tap Into the Higher Education Pipeline: Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Establish a Successful Internship Program

Employer guidelines & policies expanding section

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Academic Advising Center & Career Services office is first and foremost committed to working in the best interest of UWL students. UWL Career Services has established the following recruiting guidelines to assist employers in making on-campus recruiting a professional, fair, and ethical experience. Registration with UWL through Handshake, career management system, is a privilege and can be revoked if in violation of policies. We expect employers to contribute to a successful recruiting relationship by fully complying with both the NACE Principles for Ethnical Professional Practice and the policies of UW-La Crosse Career Services listed below.

Employer services include but are not limited to: career/job fairs; on-campus recruiting; employer information tables; employer information sessions and online job posting service (Handshake).

Acceptance and participation of employers in the employer services mentioned above is not to be construed as an explicit or implicit approval or recommendation by UWL to its students.

Right of Refusal Statement:

UW-La Crosse Handshake database is intended to serve the UWL student population by providing full-time and internship positions related to a student’s course of study at UWL. Please note that the Academic Advising Center/Career Services Office reserves the right to decline or remove any job posting that they feel is not in the best interest of our students. Please note: All part-time positions are evaluated by the Office of Financial Aid. Please review their policies for further information.

We reserve the right to refuse service to employers for factors such as the following:

  • Providing fraudulent information and/or misrepresentation of positions or company information through dissemination of dishonest information or absence of information to the Career Services or to students
  • Receipt from students of complaints of improper or illegal recruiting or employment practices, harassment of UWL students, alumni, or staff
  • Breach of confidentiality of student information without prior written consent of the student
  • Requiring, at the time of application, personal information such as bank and social security numbers or photo of the applicants
  • Positions not likely of interest to college students or alumni. Our primary focus is full time salaried and paid internship opportunities.
  • Requiring students to pay personal funding to obtain the position including franchising opportunities
  • Failure to adhere to Career Services’ policies and/or any violation of UWL equal opportunity regulations and rules, and local, state, or federal laws
  • Failure to accurately describe the responsibilities and requirements of the employment opportunity in all publicity, including publicity for employer information sessions.

Companies or organizations that hire independent contractors or do not provide a W-2 may use the following limited services:

  • Career/job fairs as appropriate
  • Scheduling a room for a presentation once a semester
  • Scheduling an information table once a semester


Career Services does not provide services, rooms, scheduling, or sponsorship if:

  • The employment opportunity involves on-campus solicitation of the company’s products, posting of company’s materials, or sale/distribution of products and services
  • The organization is sponsoring an individual to establish his/her own business for the purpose of selling products or services, and/or recruiting other individuals to establish their own businesses
  • The organization requires an initial payment or investment - with the organization itself serving as an umbrella or parent corporation. Investments of this type may include, but are not limited to: requirement to attend unpaid orientation or training sessions; direct payment of a fixed fee; payment to attend orientation or training sessions; and/or purchase or rent of a starter kit, sales kit, samples, or presentation supplies
  • The organization fails, for any reason, to provide essential information concerning the nature of the position or compensation, including, but not limited to: commission only, job responsibilities, salary, applicant requirements
  • The organization fails to submit payment/documentation of payment for any Career Services event or program


Third party recruiters are agencies, organizations or individuals recruiting candidates for employment opportunities other than for their own needs. Third party recruiters using UWL Career Services are expected to follow the same policies and procedures established for recruiters representing their own organization. In addition, third party recruiters are expected to adhere to several specific practices to ensure open and accurate communication with UWL students.

Career Services will provide assistance to third party agencies only when a third-party recruiter meets the following conditions:

  • Meets the NACE and EEO policies and laws described above
  • Charges no fees to the candidate
  • Must disclose third party recruiter status
  • Reveals to Career Services the identity of the employer being represented and the nature of the relationship between the agency and the employer, and permits the career center to verify this information by contacting the named client
  • Provides a position description to Career Services for valid openings.

Third party recruiters are allowed to interview on campus or participate in career fairs when the above conditions are met. Career Services may require the name of the employer being represented to be identified on all announcements.


  • Recruiters seeking to schedule on-campus interviews must utilize Handshake’s scheduling processes. Additionally, a description of the recruiting process used to fill the schedule as well as a copy of the interview schedule prior to the interviews must be submitted to the Career Services Office
  • Career Services will not provide on-site support for recruiters requesting outreach venues outside of the Career Services suite
  • Career Services cannot provide equipment (laptop computer, projector, etc.) for outreach events outside the Career Services suite
  • Interview rooms in the Career Services suite for your on-campus visit are complimentary and will be assigned by the Career Services Office


Registration cancellations within 3 days of the event are subject to be evaluated by UWL Career Services Outreach Specialist and/or Director. You will be responsible for the full registration fee if you cancel after the event or not present without notification. Refunds for qualifying cancellations (less administrative fee) will be initiated after the fair.


UWL Career Services only keeps information for payment record. This may include, but is not limited to, a first and last name, a physical address, an email address, and a phone number. We are not keeping record of any credit card information.


  • Only job postings for degree-required/related positions are accepted
  • Career Services will accept appropriate job announcements through Handshake; we are a paperless resource center
  • Career Services reserves the right to delete job postings deemed unsuitable for students seeking professional, degree-related work experience and will make an effort to direct employers seeking non-professional employment candidates to other recruiting sources available at the university
  • Posting of any/all job descriptions is not to be construed as an explicit or implicit approval or recommendation of recruiters by the university.


  • Career Services at UWL maintains and promotes a policy of nondiscrimination and non-harassment on the basis or race, religion, color, sex, age, disabilities, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, and citizenship. We provide services only for employers whose hiring practices are non-discriminatory according to federal and state laws
  • Career Services will advertise opportunities that target specific populations if the organization also agrees that it will consider other students or have opportunities open to all interested students


  • Career/job fairs are designed to provide a venue for sharing employment information only
  • Are not intended for recruiting other businesses or for selling products and/or services
  • Please see above section regarding cancellation fees
  • Career fair participants who do not comply with this policy may be asked to leave the event/may be denied future registration


Employers register for job fairs on Handshake with a pre-register employer account. New employers to the system have to sign up for an account. UWL Handshake is a Career Services Management System, software by Handshake. Registration will be reviewed by UWL Career Services staff. Registration will be processed within 24 to 48 business hours. Employer will be provided with all the details and logistics of the event through a confirmation email. Please note: If you do not receive, please check your clutter or junk email for communication from UW-La Crosse and/or Handshake.

Upon arrival, booth/table/packages will be set up and ready at the event location on the time indicated in the confirmation email. Any employers arrive at the event location without pre-registration; booth availability and participation will not be guaranteed.

Payment is required at the time of registration if paying by credit card. At the end of the registration process, an invoice will be generated; at the bottom of the invoice is the “pay by credit card” button. Click on the button to process your credit card payment. Check payment must be received no later than 30 days after the event. Any questions for payment, please contact Rebecca Lee at 608.785.8362.

NOTES: Additional charges will apply for extra representatives, electricity, additional parking. Please contact 608.785.8362 for any questions.


The Career Services staff will investigate complaints by users of our services about job postings, employers, or career events. If we determine that a complaint is justified, we may choose not to sponsor recruiting activities for the employer involved.


Employers are expected to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act with regards to intern compensation. Briefly, this specifies that employers in the for-profit private sector need to pay interns at least the minimum wage and applicable overtime unless they meet the six-part test for unpaid interns. Unpaid internships in the public sector and for non-profit charitable organizations, where the intern volunteers without expectation of compensation, are generally permissible. Find details on the U. S. Department of Labor website or fact sheet. By posting an unpaid position, you are acknowledging that you are acting in accordance to the Fair Labor Standards Act.


The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act requires that we obtain consent from students and alumni before releasing their profile and resume information. You may use this information only to fill employment vacancies within your own organization. Any information you acquire from profiles and/or resumes may not be re-disclosed to any other employer or third party, and you may not disclose the information to individuals within your own organization for other than employment purposes. Further detail is available from the U. S. Department of Education website.


Sponsorship by Career Services on campus may be available to for an employer to present information about employment opportunities posted through Handshake. To reserve a table, please contact the Employer Outreach Specialist at 608.785.8362; a one-week advance notice is required to reserve the table. Limited to one employer table per day.

A Student Union Recruiting Table is for the sole purpose of presenting employment information about an organization. Listed below are statements which each representative of an organization must adhere to during their visit to the UWL campus.

The UW-La Crosse campus publicity guidelines have been developed by the Student Organizations Committee and approved through the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Student Association. These guidelines are an administrative function of University Centers.  It is advised that all employers review these guidelines as the Academic Advising Center & Career Services Office or University Centers staff reserves the right to restrict or refuse an organization's request for a Student Union Recruiting Table.

In addition, an organization may be asked to leave the premises if found to be in violation after set up has occurred.

Statements of proper Student Union Recruiting Table procedures

  • Organization name will be identified on all materials
  • Publicity must be for activities or events open to the campus community or for information that enhances the educational campus environment.
  • All publicity must feature the event being advertised. The event must be visually prominent in comparison to non-university or commercial logos, pictures, etc. advertising other products.
  • All publicity should include the name of the sponsoring organization (Career Services), department, or business.
  • Any publicity that may go against the educational mission of the university (i.e. racist, degrading, and/or potentially offensive) is not allowed.
  • Publicity must not interfere with the normal flow of traffic.
  • Advertising of alcohol or drug related sponsors is not allowed, unless special approval is given through University Centers. Publicity that encourages the abuse or excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Sponsoring organizations are responsible for posting and removal of their own publicity following the event.
  • All materials must be computer generated or of comparable quality. NO hand drawn artwork, sketches, or pictures will be registered.
  • The name of the sponsoring university organization, department, or business must appear on publicity.
  • All publicity should contain the date, time, and location of the event, and any other descriptive information.
  • Due to a contractual agreement the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has with campus credit union, no other financial/banking organization is permitted to reserve a Recruiting Table
  • Pedestrian traffic will not be obstructed
  • Disruption or disturbance of regular academic and institutional programs or other approved activities is prohibited
  • Individuals may not be accosted, shouted at, forced to purchase items or required to complete an organization's survey
  • The Recruiting Table will be for the express purpose of recruiting employees for employment opportunities posted through Handshake
  • Due to a contractual agreement with UW-L and Chartwells, no food will be allowed to be distributed that is not purchased by Chartwells.
  • Agreement to maintain the cleanliness of the area
  • Agreement to assume financial responsibility for loss or damage to property

Use of UWL name, seal, wordmark or logo without permission from the UWL University Communications Office is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  The university's name, seal, wordmark and logo are registered marks of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System doing business as the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

If, after reviewing and agreeing to uphold these procedures, you remain interested in securing a reservation for a Student Union Recruiting Table, please contact Rebecca Lee, Employer Outreach Coordinator at (608) 785-8362 at least one week prior to your intended campus date.