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Academic Advising Center & Career Services

Pre-Health Student Resource Center


How do we help students?

Our office is made up of academic advisors, career advising specialists, and pre-health advising specialists. It can sometimes be confusing for students - here's a handy guide to figure out who you might work with in our office.

We are constantly looking to improve! You can view our infographic here to learn more about who we serve. 

Our Mission

The Academic Advising Center and Career Services is a team of educators who advise, encourage, challenge, and support students in their academic planning and career development. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation in services and programming. We seek to empower students to pursue the knowledge and experience necessary to make informed academic and career decisions congruent with their values and identity, leading to success at UWL and beyond.

Our Vision

We aspire to engage all UWL students in developmental, proactive, academic and career planning so they will confidently pursue their educational, career, and life goals.

Our Values

We are a student-centered team who values: 


Our office welcomes all students. Further, our office recognizes the need to offer an intentional welcome to those who have been marginalized. 


Relationships give meaning to our work. We reach for success through positive staff teamwork, collaborating with campus and community partners, and building supportive relationships with students.   


We strive to be a team of innovative and empowering educators who challenge ourselves and our students to grow and adapt. 


We are committed to being kind, empathetic, and understanding. We celebrate the milestones and achievements of one another. 


We are a team of hard-working, reliable individuals who aspire to be authentic, transparent and honest in our work.  

Read about our Equity & Inclusion efforts