About the Master Advisor Certification Program

This professional development opportunity seeks to help UWL faculty advisors develop as academic advisors and to help better serve advisees. Completion of the program will indicate commitment to quality advising to students and colleagues.

The Master Advisor program runs three times each year in January, May, and August for approximately two and a half weeks. The content is based around the NACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies and consists of a series of Canvas modules that are completed at one's own pace, and a three-hour Zoom synchronous or in-person meeting at the end of the program.

Master Advisor Certification Profile BadgeStaff and faculty who complete the Master Advisor Program will receive a certificate, and have the Master Advisor Certification badge applied to their UWL profile. Additionally, all those who have completed the program will stay enrolled in a Canvas course where they will have continued access to the resources and materials covered within the program.

Master Advisors must complete two hours of continuing professional development within the following two-year period. Various training opportunities that relate to advising can be considered to count towards this requirement and will be submitted via the Master Advisor Canvas course.

Questions about the content of the Master Advisor Program can be directed to Jamie Schweiger.

Current Cohort Dates and Application

August 2022 Master Advisor Program Dates and Deadlines

Applications Due

Monday, August 1
You can access the current Master Advisor Program Application Here: https://forms.office.com/r/nXdhkz5P4X

Online Asynchronous components

August 15-29

In-Person Meeting

August 29, 1:00-4:00pm

3105 Student Union

Final Reflection due

September 23


Previous Master Advisor Cohorts

January 2021

May 2021

August 2021

Mehtap Eklund Connie Arzigian Recep Pekdemir
Lisa Lenarz Tim McAndrews Andrew Ives
Anne Galbraith Liz Peacock Sierra Rooney
Todd Weaver Mike Abler Pete Stovall
SaraJane Parsons Marie Moeller Carla Burkhardt
Sheida Teimouri Basudeb Bhattacharyya Brandon Anderson
Val Krage Dan Grilley Deanna Maynard
Matt McParker Valeria Stepanova Haixia Lan
Ashley Zehner Jennifer Butler Modaff Christopher McCracken
Lindsay Steiner Brenda Murray Sam Schmidt
Rachyl Stephenson Dawn Rouse Gita Pai
Nilakshi Borah Eileen Narcotta-Welp Hanadi Shatara
Colin Belby Antonio Gomez Bonnie Bratina
Kenneth Shonk Lorena Ochoa Campo Dan Bretl
Jennifer Trost Penelope Hardy Linda Sherony
Anup Nandialath Uzay Damali Agatha Hultquist
Stacy Trisler Michael Lazzari Adam Van Liere
Kari Johnson Jennifer Kosiak Lindsey Kirschbaum
Marco Vriens Daniel Schneider Tommy Means
Shelly Lesher Melanie Cary Ashley Cree
Anthony Chergosky Joci Newton
Bianca Basten Jason Sumontha
Ryan McKelley
Nick Bakken

January 2022

May 2022

Travis Hendrickson Hayley Moe
Mic Nauman Kyle Herberg
Sara Peters Corinne Dillman
Beck Hawkins Jodi Reider
Megan Leach Nicole Wohlrab
Christine Hippert William Maas
Eric Strauss Peg Maher
Josh Neukom Nicole Vidden
Guy Herling Mike Petullo
Stephen Mann Rebekah Fowler
Sue Bramwell Jacob Caldwell
TJ Mickschl Ming Tsang
Melanie Healy Christine Manno
Rose Brougham Xinhui Li
Hongying Xu Andreas Eklund
Katie Wagoner Lien Nguyen
Hannah Han Sarah Pember Giannini
Ken Graham Alex O'Brien
Huiya Yan Laurie Harmon
Andrew Roberts Charissa Jakusz
Casey Tobin Amanda Abrahamson
Brian Kumm-Schaley Josh Nesja
Tori Svoboda Mandy Kolbe