Listen to the community

The primary role of Community Engagement is to listen to community members. UW–La Crosse strives to not only be a friendly neighbor, but also an intentional partner. We connect UWL experts to community members, collaborate on local events, and share university space, programming, and resources.

Increase access to campus

Whether you come to us or we come to you, we're committed to providing access to the university's grounds, resources, and experts. The newly created Office of Community Engagement will work to facilitate your needs. We are constantly looking for new ways to remove barriers to the university.

Create connections

Community Engagement serves as the primary liaison between the university and community. To ensure UWL is engaged, we actively participate on many local committees and maintain close relationships with city and county offices. These experiences allow for collaborations that enhance student learning.

UWL Community Engagement stories

UWL in our community.

Do you want to partner with us in the classroom?

Discover how a community and campus collaboration can address societal issues and enhance student learning as part of a UWL Community Engaged Learning (CEL) class.

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Nomination opportunity

Prairie Springs Excellence Award

Call for applications for the first annual Prairie Springs Instructor and Student Excellence Awards are now being accepted!

Each of these $1,000 awards is funded by Prairie Springs: The Paul Fleckenstein Trust.

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sustaining excellence

UWL's Strategic Plan prioritizes Community Engagement as one of its four key pillars. UWL embraces community engagement as a key component to our teaching, scholarly and service mission.

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Civic Action Plan

UW-La Crosse’s Civic Action Plan was developed to strengthen existing and build new partnerships to provide civically engaged and authentic experiences between the campus and the community. UWL's plan lays out the goals that have the most promise for supporting a culture of engagement on our campus.

Community Volunteer Activities

About 1/2 of UWL faculty & staff shared their stories of serving the community. Here’s what we learned.


Staff & faculty
volunteer hours


Acts of service


Student volunteer hours

Nearly 700 unique orgs served

  • 364*Business, non-profit, civic
  • 192*Education related
  • 50*Faith based orgs
  • 49*Arts orgs
  • 42*Cultural/diversity orgs


& lectures

We serve as experts
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Lisa Klein, Community Engagement Coordinator


Cleary Alumni & Friends Center, Room 104